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Thread: Popshakes' Poppin' URPG Stats

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    Popshakes' Poppin' URPG Stats

    Popshakes' Poppin' URPG Stats

    Forum Screen Name: Popshakes
    Current Position(s): Just a basic Pokemon Trainer
    AIM Username: N/A
    Skype Username: Brittany (Popshakes)

    Amount of Money: $5000
    Contest Credits: $5000
    Win/Loss/Draw Record: 0/0/0

    Battle Hold Items:
    - Eviolite x1 - Currently held by Amazon the Glameow
    Berries and Herbs: N/A
    Other Items: N/A

    HMs in Possession: N/A
    TMs in Possession: N/A

    Badges in Possession: N/A

    Pokemon Party 2/6

    Nickname: Amazon
    Species: Glameow
    Type: Normal
    Gender: Female
    Held Item: Eviolite
    Abilities: Limber / Own Tempo
    Level-up Moves: Assist, Attract, Captivate, Charm, Feint Attack, Fake Out, Fury Swipes, Growl, Hone Claws, Hypnosis, Play Rough, Scratch, Slash, Sucker Punch
    Taught Moves: N/A
    Obtained: Starter
    Battles: 0

    Nickname: Serenity
    Species: Sunkern
    Type: Grass
    Gender: Female
    Held Item: N/A
    Abilities: Chlorophyll / Solar Power
    Level-up Moves: Absorb, Double-Edge, Endeavor, Giga Drain, Grass Whistle, Growth, Ingrain, Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Natural Gift, Razor Leaf, Seed Bomb, Solar Beam, Sunny Day, Synthesis, Worry Seed
    Taught Moves: N/A
    Obtained: Popshakes's Art Gallery
    Battles: 0

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