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Thread: PhioneTheGreat's Stats!

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    PhioneTheGreat's Stats!

    Pokemon Trainer

    Current Money: $2000
    Contest Credits: $5000
    Battle Record: 0/0/0

    Hold Items: 1 Razor Fang.
    Berries: None
    Other Items: None
    TMs: None
    HMs: None


    Kanto: 0/8

    Johto: 0/8

    Hoenn: 0/8

    Sinnoh: 0/8

    Unova: 0/8

    Orange Islands: 0/8


    Nightwing the Gligar
    Gender: Male
    Type: Ground/Flying
    Acrobatics, Feint Attack, Fury Cutter, Guillotine, Harden, Knock Off, Poison Sting, Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Screech, Sky Uppercut, Slash, Swords Dance, U-turn, X-Scissor
    Extra Moves: None
    Met: Starter
    HP: 334
    Attack: 249
    Defense: 309
    Special Attack: 169
    Special Defense: 229
    Speed: 269
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