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Thread: PXR Nuzlocke Challenge Ideas & Disc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trainer17 View Post
    I was actually planning a next communitylocke after I'm done with the current one, but if you want to host the entire thing with any help of an extra mod or so, do let me know. :3 if you're going to make it interactive where forumers decide on certain things, I'd suggest things like nicknames and type reservations for starters because communitylockes had time limits/checkpoints. Choosing every egg will be a bit hard but if you can find a way to work things out somehow, that'd be a huge plusessentially an egglocke works well if there are alot of eggs submitted by people. To make that work here, we could have forumers can submit the eggs(up to 3 or 4 per person) (via the code/shtuff) to the participant or communitylocker instead and they start based on that.

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    Well if you had something planned already fill me in if you'd like to. I wouldn't mind helping with it. The communitylocke idea I had was a bit different. I tried doing research to find out how to transfer save files, how to send eggs (start an egglocke), and various new ways to improvise new ideas on the egglocke. We can talk more on it if you'd like =3

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    I have some Nuzlocke ideas that are too challenging for me :b. First is:
    In this Nuzlocke you can basically use only Flying types, Pokemon with Levitate and for smaller challenge, Pokemon that are shown to be able to fly (I.e. Munna)

    Eligible games: RB + Y, RB + FRLG, GS + C, GS + HGSS, RS + E, RS + ORAS & DP + Pt
    ( also playable on with 2 players) In this Nuzlocke, you (and possibly you friend) are playing two games at the same time, the originals or the past games and their remakes. In this run, when you pick item, run away from Pokemon etc., you have to do that in the other game too. In the Pokemarts you have to buy the same items in both games (i.e. I buy one potion in Vermilion in Pokemon Red so i have to buy the same thing in Vermilion in FireRed.) If you can't access that area, buy item, heal, catch a Pokemon etc. in one game, you can't do that in the other one too (If you have to go to some area inaccessible in one of the games, you can't catch or pick up items there.) If you catch a Pokemon in the same location in both games, they become linked (like in a soullocke) and if one of them die/is boxed the other one has to be too.

    A lot of people have to participate in this run. In this run, every time all players get 1/2/4 badges, they have to battle the other player's team with their team. The one who wins continues, the second one looses the Competilocke. At the end, after defeating Champion/Red (in GSC & HGSS)/ Ghetsis (BW) all players participate in a Tournament. The winner is the only one who completes the Competilocke.

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