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Thread: Small Trades Thread

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    May 2013
    On my way to my next adventure!
    Which game: OR/AS
    In Game Name: May
    Friend Code: 2466 2237 0532
    How you want to be contacted: VM
    Pokemon/Item wanted: Shiny Numel
    Pokemon/Item offered: AS exclusives, rare berries

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    Pokemon X
    FC: 4742.7461.1985
    Looking for this deal: Non-hacked HA: Frogadier, Ditto, Kecleon, Eevee (Preferrably Female)
    For those 4, I'll give you my Rash Xerneas (Lvl 50, never battled.). Willing to negotiate.

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    EDIT; all done, thanks guys!
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    With working on my Living Shiny Dex I have come across several Shiny Legendary Pokemon for my Dex so I have the following NON SHINY Legendary Pokemon for trade and I'm looking for Shiny Pokemon to add to my Dex. :D If they have the OT Name of Caite-chan or Caitlin they are mine that I have caught in my games and therefore have not been altered in any way because I don't know the first thing about hacking Pokemon. xD

    Rayquaza - Lv. 70 - Gentle - Air Lock - Hoenn - Caite-chan
    Heatran - Lv. 51 - Rash - Flash Fire - Hoenn - Caite-chan
    Xerneas - Lv. 63 - Hasty - Fairy Aura - Kalos - From Japan
    Ho-Oh - Lv. 45 - Hasty - Pressure - Johto - Caitlin
    Latias - Lv. 68 - Bold - Levitate - Unova - Caitlin
    Lugia - Lv. 45 - Jolly - Pressure - Johto - kenny
    Mewtwo - Lv. 70 - Naughty - Pressure - Kalos - anthony
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    who cares
    Game: Alpha Sapphire
    IGN: Dmer!x
    3DS FC: 2981-7050-7952
    Currently looking for: Ditto, any (EVs not necessary but it'd be quite nice of you)

    PM me, hopefully you're not looking for anything specific (maybe an AS exclusive?)

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    looks like this thread is pretty dead BUT i figured id take a swing at reviving it since im finally trying to complete my pokedex in preparation for sun/moon!

    Which game: alpha sapphire
    In Game Name: star
    Friend Code: 0473-8193-2675
    How you want to be contacted: either shoot me a message on tumblr @ shadowstitching, or message me on the forum, whatever works better for you!
    Pokemon/Item wanted:
    - volcanion
    Pokemon/Item offered: i have shinies i can offer (can give a full list on request), some extra legendaries, and i can breed anything youd like! also may have evolution items or mega stones that i dont need, ask if youre looking for something in particular?
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    Decided to try and finish Sun and catch UBs and legends... Does anyone have timid and modest synchronise Pokemon I could have? I have extra adamant and jolly ones if anyone wants them. Spent all day trying to catch Abra xD I have a whole set of sync Ralts on AS but don't have bank right now :/

    Game: Sun
    IGN: Sarah
    FC: 4184-1749-5349
    Contact: VM or PM
    Pokemon wanted: Modest and timid nature Synchronisers

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    Which game: Pokemon Moon
    How you want to be contacted: PM is fine

    Pokemon/Item wanted:
    Shiny Umbreon
    Buzzwole (The sun exclusive UB)
    ALL Vivillons (I can make a separate thread for this if necessary)

    Pokemon/Item offered:

    We can come to a conclusion on this if you have what i want/need :o

    Be sure to check my comic weekly! I also have some other ideas for future comics so stay tuned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
    Which game: X
    In Game Name: Sarah
    Friend Code: 4184-1749-5349
    How you want to be contacted: VM/PM
    Pokemon/Item offered: Adamant Female Hidden Ability Weedle (with Run Away). I bred a male HA Weedle for a friend. In the meantime I got like 6 females. xD These evolve into Sniper Beedrill. I am pretty much giving them away so just ask if you'd like one.
    assuming you still have, I'll take your offer on that xD

    Be sure to check my comic weekly! I also have some other ideas for future comics so stay tuned.

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    Dark Cave
    Which game: X
    In Game Name: Elbub (?, Nic if not)
    Friend Code: 3668-9183-8635
    Pokemon wanted: Either an Adamant Ditto, or an Adamant Synchronizer (Ralts, Abra, etc)

    I have most mythical Pokemon multiple times over, legit, and lots of other things too. Name your price!
    Heartfelt thanks to Neo Emolga for my avatar!
    since the 12th of February, 2008


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