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Thread: Small Trades Thread

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    May 2013
    On my way to my next adventure!
    Which game: OR/AS
    In Game Name: May
    Friend Code: 2466 2237 0532
    How you want to be contacted: VM
    Pokemon/Item wanted: Shiny Numel
    Pokemon/Item offered: AS exclusives, rare berries

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    Pokemon X
    FC: 4742.7461.1985
    Looking for this deal: Non-hacked HA: Frogadier, Ditto, Kecleon, Eevee (Preferrably Female)
    For those 4, I'll give you my Rash Xerneas (Lvl 50, never battled.). Willing to negotiate.

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    EDIT; all done, thanks guys!
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    With working on my Living Shiny Dex I have come across several Shiny Legendary Pokemon for my Dex so I have the following NON SHINY Legendary Pokemon for trade and I'm looking for Shiny Pokemon to add to my Dex. :D If they have the OT Name of Caite-chan or Caitlin they are mine that I have caught in my games and therefore have not been altered in any way because I don't know the first thing about hacking Pokemon. xD

    Rayquaza - Lv. 70 - Gentle - Air Lock - Hoenn - Caite-chan
    Heatran - Lv. 51 - Rash - Flash Fire - Hoenn - Caite-chan
    Xerneas - Lv. 63 - Hasty - Fairy Aura - Kalos - From Japan
    Ho-Oh - Lv. 45 - Hasty - Pressure - Johto - Caitlin
    Latias - Lv. 68 - Bold - Levitate - Unova - Caitlin
    Lugia - Lv. 45 - Jolly - Pressure - Johto - kenny
    Mewtwo - Lv. 70 - Naughty - Pressure - Kalos - anthony
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    who cares
    Game: Alpha Sapphire
    IGN: Dmer!x
    3DS FC: 2981-7050-7952
    Currently looking for: Ditto, any (EVs not necessary but it'd be quite nice of you)

    PM me, hopefully you're not looking for anything specific (maybe an AS exclusive?)

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    looks like this thread is pretty dead BUT i figured id take a swing at reviving it since im finally trying to complete my pokedex in preparation for sun/moon!

    Which game: alpha sapphire
    In Game Name: star
    Friend Code: 0473-8193-2675
    How you want to be contacted: either shoot me a message on tumblr @ shadowstitching, or message me on the forum, whatever works better for you!
    Pokemon/Item wanted:
    - volcanion
    Pokemon/Item offered: i have shinies i can offer (can give a full list on request), some extra legendaries, and i can breed anything youd like! also may have evolution items or mega stones that i dont need, ask if youre looking for something in particular?
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    Decided to try and finish Sun and catch UBs and legends... Does anyone have timid and modest synchronise Pokemon I could have? I have extra adamant and jolly ones if anyone wants them. Spent all day trying to catch Abra xD I have a whole set of sync Ralts on AS but don't have bank right now :/

    Game: Sun
    IGN: Sarah
    FC: 4184-1749-5349
    Contact: VM or PM
    Pokemon wanted: Modest and timid nature Synchronisers

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    Which game: Pokemon Moon
    How you want to be contacted: PM is fine

    Pokemon/Item wanted:
    Shiny Umbreon
    Buzzwole (The sun exclusive UB)
    ALL Vivillons (I can make a separate thread for this if necessary)

    Pokemon/Item offered:

    We can come to a conclusion on this if you have what i want/need :o

    Be sure to check my comic weekly! I also have some other ideas for future comics so stay tuned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
    Which game: X
    In Game Name: Sarah
    Friend Code: 4184-1749-5349
    How you want to be contacted: VM/PM
    Pokemon/Item offered: Adamant Female Hidden Ability Weedle (with Run Away). I bred a male HA Weedle for a friend. In the meantime I got like 6 females. xD These evolve into Sniper Beedrill. I am pretty much giving them away so just ask if you'd like one.
    assuming you still have, I'll take your offer on that xD

    Be sure to check my comic weekly! I also have some other ideas for future comics so stay tuned.

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    Dark Cave
    Which game: X
    In Game Name: Elbub (?, Nic if not)
    Friend Code: 3668-9183-8635
    Pokemon wanted: Either an Adamant Ditto, or an Adamant Synchronizer (Ralts, Abra, etc)

    I have most mythical Pokemon multiple times over, legit, and lots of other things too. Name your price!
    Heartfelt thanks to Neo Emolga for my avatar!


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