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Thread: Nagisa's Deep URPG Pool

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    Nagisa's Deep URPG Pool

    It's deeper because there are more letters in "URPG" than "ASB".

    Nagi's URPG Pool

    Positions: Trainer
    AIM: Shemhazaih
    Money: $5,000
    Contest Credit: $5,000
    Total Battles: 0
    Win/Loss/Draw: 0/0/0
    Battle Hold Items: n/a
    Berries and Herbs: n/a
    Other Items: n/a
    HMs: n/a
    Unused TMs: n/a

    Nagi's Badges
    Kanto (0/8)

    Johto (0/8)

    Hoenn (0/8)

    Sinnoh (0/8)

    Unova (0/8)

    Orange Islands (0/5)

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    Lysander // Ralts
    Synchronize // Trace
    LU Moves //
    Growl, Confusion, Double Team, Teleport, Lucky Chant, Magical Leaf, Heal Pulse, Calm Mind, Psychic, Imprison, Future Sight, Charm, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Stored Power
    Taught //
    Obtained // Starter
    Battles // 0


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