Gen 7 Events Part 2
korean alamos dp(아라모스/180606)
dialga relaxed 6-6-2018 capableof taking hits[SPA] have proof NFT
palkia naughty 6-6-2018 takes plenty of siestas [SPA] have proof NFT

pokemon world festival pikachu(월드페스티벌/180427)
pikachu hasty 5-5-2018 a little quick tempered [FRE] have proof vrto

Team Rainbow Rocket's Ambition Pokémon
Giovanni's NidoKing(サカキ/180120)
nidoking calm 2-4-2018 scatters things often [CHS] have proof NFT

Cyrus's Honchkrow(アカギ/180120)
honchkrow sassy 2-4-2018 alert to sounds [CHS] have proof NFT

korean aether silvally(에테르/171014)
silvally gentle 10-22-2017 somewhat vain [SPA] have proof VRTO

korean kiawe turtonator(키아웨/170812)
turtonator brave 8-19-2017 likes to fight [CHS] have proof VRTO

pc easter eggs
drampa impish 6-20-2018 strongly defiant [KOR] shiny tsv proof NFT
goomy serious 7-5-2018 quick to flee [ENG] shiny tsv proof NFT
turtoator hasty 7-3-2018 strongly defiant [KOR] shiny tsv proof NFT
orangaru jolly 7-8-2018 likes to run [ENG] shiny tsv proof NFT