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Thread: Gotta Catch Em' All: Blizzard Blue Version (Open!)

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    ((Sorry to jump in a bit late, but I'm here.))

    Everything happened so quickly. One second Rose was following the rest of the group through the dark tower, and the next they were seeing what appeared to be ghosts. Rose felt something come over her, and although she didn't know exactly what was happening, she could sense that what they were seeing weren't ghosts. She began to feel a bit disoriented as another ghostly shape appeared before them. This person spoke directly to them.

    What the person said seemed crazy, but slowly memories began trickling back. Rose yelped as visions of the killer beedrill suddenly began to run through her head.

    After the vision faded, Rose was left feeling dizzy and confused. "Rose how are you feeling?" Meghan asked.

    "I'm not sure." Rose responded. She thought about the trainers who they had forgotten. One trainer in particular stood out. Rose now remembered that her first battle was against this trainer. She remembered that trainer being a bit odd ("But I guess I am too," she thought.), but no matter how hard Rose tried, she couldn't remember her name. It made her sad to think about how things might have been different if the timeline hadn't been split. Perhaps then Max would still be with them, and everything wouldn't have gone so terribly wrong.

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    Alice remembered. What exactly happened in the forest had been a blank space in her mind for so long. Since then, the moments during the very beginning of her journey seemed to have been filled in with memories that weren't entirely correct, or rather... some memories were missing. Now she remembered meeting a boy on the way to Viridian City... she remembered battling a different boy in the forest, before they were attacked. These others... how could they have been erased so easily from her mind? Alice felt slightly panicked. Perception is reality... so how could she ever be sure what was real again?

    Alice didn't remember Gold at all, but somehow she felt they should trust his words. He was obviously involved in all this, just as they were. But a game corner? Alice had never heard of such a place. And what could a game corner have to do with Max?

    As Gold faded away, Rose seemed to go back to normal. Meg checked on her. Alice was relieved that she seemed to be alright. Of all of them, Rose seemed to be the one who went through the most. The question about what was real must have been even harder for her.

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    --Potion (x10) -

    Alteration Items
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    --Paralyze Heal (x5)(gets rid of an electric/fighting/ground/rock type disadvantage.)
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    ----Burn Heal (x5)(gets rid of a dragon/fire/steel type disadvantage)
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    ---Fire Stone (x1)
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    ---Metal Coat

    Points: 1375 (+1)[/B]

    GM Story Info
    Current Location: Lavander Town
    Description: An eerie town that gives even the toughest trainer a chill
    Key Locations:
    Pokemon Tower: Open
    Pokemon Center: Open
    Pokemart: Open
    House of Memories: Closed
    Name Rater: Open
    Kanto Radio Tower: Closed
    Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House: Open
    Silph Co Lavander Town: Closed
    Route 10: Closed
    Route 8: Closed
    Route 12: Closed
    Time: 9:33 am
    Day: 34
    Month: June 5th
    Season: Summer
    Weather: Rainy and Foggy Day
    Team: Alice, Rose, Rocky, Brandon, Meghan, Kyo

    The group continued but felt an erree chill run down their backs as something was clearly following them. Meg moved her flashlight towards the dark corners of the walk in tomb. As the light passed over the grave plots shadowy figures started to appear all around them

    "You are not suppose to be hear! You are not suppose to be here!" The many voices started to repeat over and over.

    The shadowy ghost types appeared and vanished as if they were blinking in and out of existance.

    Wild Pokemon Appears (not catchable yet )

    Gastly (Ghost/ Poison)
    Points: 15

    The appearance of these dark pokemon scared the team's pokemon. The pokemon seemingly rushed out of fear to get back in their pokeball leaving the group to fend for themselves. Things only got worse when the sound of stone cracking started to ripple throught he room.

    the gravestones immdeatley started to crumble and out of the the floor boards pokemon started to crawl out. The team found themselves spilt as more and more of these walking dead pokemon started to pour out filling the room.

    " Will meet you upstairs !!!" Meghan shouted as her and Alice were seperated from the others.

    Rose was practaclly blind at this point. However a dark psychic reached out to her. She could see the outline of the whole place. Something told her to get Rocky and Brandon to find another staircase and head to the top of the towers.

    Meanwhile Alice and Meg not had to flee the slow moving zomibes moving further through the dark hallways

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    Name: Rose Woods
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    Team: Charizard (Ember)[M](36/36) Gabite (30/30) Golbat (Ruby) [M] (22/22) Parasect (30/30) Kirlia (25/25) Doublade (Sheen)[M](35/35)
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    Mystery Egg: 32/?
    Mime Jr Egg: 7/30

    Rose was still slightly shaken by what they had just seen. Despite not being able to see it, the eerie atmosphere of the tower still added to her unease. As they progressed, she began to find it harder and harder to sense around her, as if her connection with Amirah was being weakened. Suddenly she heard voices begin to echo around them. "You are not supposed to be here!" They shouted, seeming to come from all directions. She could just barely sense many presences surrounding them, but rather than moving, they seemed to simply fade in and out of existence. She was unsure if they were actually disappearing and reappearing, or if her weakened sensing was unable to detect them.

    To Rose's horror, many more presences seemed to appear from the floors. Rose's blindness spared her from the grotesque sight of the undead Pokemon, but it did not make the situation any less terrifying. She slowly backed away from the presences, and as she did so the rest of the group felt further and further away. Suddenly she could feel another psychic energy, and through it she was able to sense around her again. She saw now that she was cut off from Meghan and Alice, but Brandon and Rocky were still nearby. Rose could sense a stairway nearby. It seemed to be the only way out.

    "T-there's a stairway to our left!" Rose called out frantically to Rocky and Brandon. She quickly made her way towards them, nearly tripping as one of the undead Pokemon tried to grab her leg.

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    *Sorry for the inactivity guys, have had a few things going on lately, I will try to be on here more for the next few months.*

    As the group proceeded through the tower, a small group of ghastly appeared from a gravestone. Brandon immediately pressed the release button on Skipper's pokeball, so that he would be ready for a fight if need be, Skipper came out of the ball, took one look at the ghastly and much to the shock and surprise of Brandon, immediately went to retreat back in to the ball. Brandon yelled at him "Skipper what are you doing!?!? I need ya buddy!" , but Skipper by now was back in the ball. Brandon was stunned and a bit angry as well, he pressed the release button on the ball again in attempt to release him again, but all Brandon saw was a little light from the ball opening, then it closed again with no pokemon coming out. Brandon clipped the ball to his belt and went to reach for Marshtomp's ball, but before he could get his hand on it, suddenly a group of zombie like pokemon appeared out of no where and proceeded to come towards them.

    Meghan said to meet them upstairs, then her and Alice took off, up a flight of stairs. They were followed by everyone else but, him, Rocky and Rose. Brandon angry at being deserted by the rest of the group and his pokemon, let out a loud grunt of frustation. Brandon saw a zombie come really close to him and he punched it in the head. It fell to the floor, the adrenaline must he had must have gave him alot of strength, but there were too many for them to fight by hand.

    Suddenly Rose told them there was a staircase to their left, without hesitation he started to move towards the staircase. A zombie tried to grab him, but Brandon shoved it away and kept moving. When he reached the stair case, he ripped open the door and ran up the stairs, not even checking if Rose and Rocky had reached safety yet or not. When Brandon reached the top, he stopped and caught his breath, it was then he realized Rocky and Rose were still down there. He reached into his pack and pulled out his flashlight, clicking it on so he could see if anyone or anything came up the stairs, then he called out "Rose, Rocky are you guys ok?", then he waited at the top for either a response or to see them coming.
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