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Thread: GCEA Kanto: Blue Version Timeline and NPC Info.

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    GCEA Kanto: Blue Version Timeline and NPC Info.

    Welcome Everyone to the GCEA Kanto Blue Version Timeline. (Thunder Yellow, Blizzard Blue and Desolation Blue Included). Blue version has been going for 4 years and as we are trying to finally get the story back on track I felt it was important to get everyone including myself caught up with the story. Below you will find an outline for the story with some links as they relate to specific events or characters. This thread is not a discussion thread so avoid posting here. Feel free to use our general chat thread to discuss any matters that you noticed or continuity problems you think we might have in the future. That is part of the reason I made this.

    @Brettles @Pokemon Trainer Sarah @brandon_g @Dragon Master Mike @5TailedDemonLizard @Noblejanobii

    The Set-Up
    GCEA Kanto Rebirth was created as a way to revisit GCEA Kanto from the old PE2K Days. We did the Reboot NOT Because we didn't have other ideas. Instead, we did it because the GCEA Kanto version helped for the form the timeline that had affected all GCEA storylines. The Reboot was a good way to take the old themes and explore new creative pathways we didnt get to explore in the original version. When Rebirth first started we had 2 thread, Thunder Yellow and Blizzard Blue. Sadly due to inactivty, we had to drop the Thunder Yellow version and focus on Blizzard Blue. During that time Noblejanobii who was the only active Yellow member left transitioned into Blue. We also created to spin-offs Gia Green and Resurgent Red. Each of those threads had unique roleplayers that for the most part had never been in GCEA. Inactivity and different styles of Roleplaying were major factors in the Spin Offs.

    The Timeline '

    Pallet Town
    (May 1st, 2015)

    * Yellow Version Starts out with all the players being brought together from all over the globe to participate in special new trainers tournament. Each person invited was picked because someone recommended them.

    * To kick off the story Professor Oak greeted the new trainers frantically as his pokemon had somehow started to escape. With the help of the Hoenn League Champ Max they were able to get control of the pokemon in Pallet Town, Max used a Mega Alakazam. However the professor explained that some of the pokemon were still on the loose. Oak asked the group of trainers who had barely received their starters to help him recover them. He asked Max to assist the trainers to begin the journey.

    *Before leaving Professor Oak confessed that he had seen a strange pokemon appear a couple of times before the trainers appeared. He sketched it and while he nor the other people in the story didnt know what it was. We know the pokemon to be Hoopa and it is a trouble maker.

    *On Route 1 the new trainers caught their first pokemon. Helped tracked down the new pokemon.

    Viridian City
    (May 1st, 2015)

    *The team arrived in Viridian City with Oaks pokemon. The team lucked out ( Also Gm changed the story) when they were able to get the special pokemon that would become a mega. While in Viridian the team go their own way to explore.

    *Rocky breaks into what he thought was an abandoned gym which turned out not to be. Rocky meets and battles the mysterious trainer Geovanni Here

    *Max meet up with trainer Blue. The two got into and they battled twice. When Blue involved Alice and Brandon. Max stopped playing around and took out Blue's Magmar while Brandon and Alice battled his male cheerleaders.

    *Markus meets a strong reckless trainer named Jenie. She caused a rainstorm hat accidentally scared a bunch of Mankeys who make out and started causing a mess. The trainers dispatched of the Mankeys to help bring order and the storm past.

    *Oaks assistant showed up and gave them Shiny Charms and they received what would later become their Mega Pokemon. ( The sign up to Rebirth had a Mega Pokemon Giveaway. All Trainers received it.)

    Viridian Forrest
    (May 1st, 2015 Entering the Forrest)

    * Brandon tired to bully a bunch of children and after challenging them he quickly lost. The group had mixed feelings about this.

    *Team Yellow and Team Blue battled

    *Beedrill Attack!!!
    After beedrills attack, the group splits up. At this point, the timeline in yellow is shattered in to two.

    *Team Blue emerges from the Viridian on May 1st, 2018. 3 years had past but not for them. They have no memory of any of Team Yellow and Max has aged by 3 years.

    Pewter City
    (May 1st, 2018 Evening)

    *Rocky Faints after being poisned by the Beedrill. Somehow Max carries him for 3 hours.....I assume that in the story I meant with the help of his pokemon to the nearest pokemon center. Alice is also injured and Blue Team arrives at the pokemon center.

    * The team spend the night at the pokemon center. Its now May 2nd. Meghan and Rose go on a mission to find her missing neckless, Rocky gets into with the nurses and Alice explores the city.

    *The team begins training for their first gym battle. A young rich trainer named Mr. Winston and his young personal assistant Winston cross paths with Rocky. A funny moment for sure

    *Max is swarmed by a crowd looking for his autograph. To get the people to relax he has Upgrade show them the final battle for Orre. This is to help establish shadow pokemon in their world!

    *First Gym Battle

    *Rocky’s Butterfree evolves, but Rocky, believing that the Butterfree was asking to be freed, releases the newly evolved Pokemon.

    *Max begins investigating three alarms that had gone off in Pewter City, and asks Alice to tag along. The pair confirm that Team Rocket is up to something in the city. Meanwhile, Rocky runs into his Mentor, the Canalave City gym leader, Byron, who gives him a Pokemon and offers to sponsor him on his journey, and Brandon chases down bikers who he believes to have stolen from him.

    *Max Introduces Alice to Grant, a gym leader from Kalos, who gives her a Pokemon and items, and offers to sponsor Alice on her journey. Meanwhile, Meghan is similarly sponsored by the gym leader Winona.

    *Max separates from the group to investigate something while most of the group heads to the Poketech building. They are invited to a conference room where they are all given Poketechs, with the catch that they must record video journals of their journey. Despite something appearing off, the group leaves without event.

    *The group goes to the museum, but the lights are all off and the door is ajar. After following the sound of wheezing, the group finds a man with his hands bound and his mouth duct taped, who asks them to help recover amber that was stolen by Team Rocket.

    Mount Moon
    (May 2nd, 2018, evening)

    *The Group enters Mount Moon In pursuit of Team Rocket. After 40 minutes, they find two Team Rocket grunts.

    *The cavern is suddenly flooded by Zubats, and the team is forced to fight. The Team Clears out the Zubats, but then are confronted by the two grunts, who set off a trap to collapse the floor beneath the group. Rose’s Chingling faints in the collapse, and Rose is forced to tell the group about her blindness.

    *Alice and Meghan climb out of the pit. While some of the group attempt to catch some Paras that appeared at the bottom of the pit, Rose Hears a mysterious voice in her head telling her to release her Chingling, and that the Paras could help her.

    *The Paras leads the group to an icy cavern where a powerful Slowking waited for them.The Slowking speaks to Rose telepathically, explaining that the Legendary Pokemon Kyurem once resided there, and warning of a great evil. Before leaving, Rocky notices an inscription on the wall: " Elemental keys react to temperature.. temperature in turn reacts to the elemental keys.. Do not open a door to which you can not close again... M...R ..."

    *Meghan and Alice meet a group of bulbasaur that lead them towards the sound of drilling. Down below, the rest of the group head towards the same sound of drilling.

    *The group finds Team Rocket drilling through Mt. Moon. Rocky and Brandon charge at the grunts, but are caught and paralyzed by a thunder wave.

    *Cassidy reveals Team Rocket’s plan of unearthing ancient Pokemon from Mount Moon before releasing a massive Onix to begin digging.

    *One of the rocket grunts reveals himself to be Max in disguise. As the grunts prepare to battle Max, Rose’s Chingling uses confuse ray on the Onix, causing it to rampage. A battle between the group and Team Rocket ensues.

    *The group escapes as the cavern begins to collapse.

    *Geovanni disposes of Cassidy and Butch.

    Pewter City
    (May 3rd, 2018, morning)

    *After setting camp for the night and waking up the next morning, the group discusses the previous day’s events. Max tells Rose that he had flashbacks of being in the Ice cave when Kyurem was freed,despite having never been there before.

    *The group makes their way back to Pewter City through a different route.

    *Arriving back in town, the group finds newspapers seeming to suggest that Max was the cause of the cave in at Mount Moon. Max decides to return the Amber alone, but finds a dozen gym leaders waiting for him. In a clear set up by Team Rocket, all of the blame for the incident is pinned on the group. Max takes the blame in order to protect the rest of the group, revealing his psychic power and claiming that he used it to control the other trainers. The gym leaders take him into custody.

    *As the group discusses what to do next, Brock appears to help the team escape Pewter unnoticed, and tells them to look for Misty, who also happens to be Max's ex.

    Route 4
    (May 3rd, 2018, Afternoon)

    *The group gets a change of clothes at the Pokemon Center outside Mount Moon.

    *An old Man asks Rocky to help him with building the new Pokemon daycare center, and the whole group joins in.

    *The group encounter a family of cleffa and Clefairy, as well as a karate master who teaches Rocky, Brandon, and Rose’s Pokemon a new move.

    *The group encounters the trainer Marcela and help her round up some recently hatched Bonsly. Marcela joins the group after.

    *A biker hands the group a newspaper and informs them that Max would be transported through Cerulean, then to Vermilion where he would stand trial. One of the stories in the paper briefly mentions an attack by Neo Rocket Organizations and Zapdos on the Pokemon Tower three years prior.

    *The group encounters a biker gang calling themselves the Sons of Arcanine. They claim that they intend to fight the Rockets and try to free Max, their former leader. After hearing that the group had fought against Team Rocket, they offer to let them join in. The group decides to tell the confused Marcela about Max.

    *Brandon, Nathan, and Marcela hang back with a few bikers in order to dig a ditch to block the road, while the rest of the team rides off with the bikers in search of the convoy transporting Max.

    *Suddenly, everyone’s Poketechs stop working. A large group of Rockets appear around Brandon and Marcela. Meanwhile, as the rest of the group reaches the convoy, traps that had been set in the road suddenly go off, causing two of the police escorts to blow up, and two armored trucks to flip over. Through the smoke the group can see the bikers beginning to engage a massive group of rockets.

    *The group battles Team Rocket, but despite defeating many, they are overwhelmed by sheer numbers. As the group is handcuffed and dragged forward, they can see Max kick open the armored truck and climb out. He whistles loudly, and suddenly from the skies descends the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh. Ho-Oh breathes fire and forces the rockets to back off. As the rockets attempt to regroup, one of the grunts grabs the still handcuffed Alice and holds a knife to her throat in an attempt to force Max to surrender. She also shows footage of Marcela, Nathan, and Brandon, who have been taken hostage. Max asks Ho-Oh to leave.

    *Max offers himself in exchange for the group’s safety. After Max speaks to each member of the group, Team Rocket takes him.

    *The Bikers give the group a ride to Cerulean City. Before leaving, JPO gives Alice his phone number and tells her to call them if they ever need help.

    Cerulean City
    (May 3rd, 2018, Evening)

    *The group arrives at the Pokemon Center and see footage of the Sons of Arcanine being chased by police on the TV.

    *Meghan and Alice receive eggs from the daycare as a reward for an achievement, while Brandon and Marcela talk about the day’s events, and Rocky and Rose talk about training their Pokemon.

    *Alice has a dream in which Max, wearing an eyepatch, warns her that something is coming, and that the group would all be in grave danger if they did not leave Cerulean city by the next night. Behind him she could see the silhouette of a large creature.

    May 4th, 2018

    *When Alice wakes up, she pulls Meghan aside and tells her about the dream.

    *A hiker gives Rocky Fire Stones for the group as a gift from the Sons of Arcanine.

    May 5th, 2018, morning
    (Side Note: While the header says that this day is still May 4th, the story seems to suggest that another day passed, so I will be continuing to count the date based on what the story says rather than what the header says)

    *The group takes on the Cerulean City gym.

    *Nathan and Marcela kinda just disappear leave the group.

    *Meghan begins investigating a White Rocket base, but is escorted out minutes later. The rest of the group watch a group of boy climb up a ladder to look over a fence, only to duck back down after being blasted in the face with ice. Rocky looks over and sees a Jynx, but is put to sleep by an attack immediately.

    *Meghan and Rose meet up with the others. The boys explain to the group that the Jynx is owned by an old woman, but the woman was looking to trade it for a Poliwhirl. The group decides to go fishing in order to catch a Poliwhirl.

    *The group splits up. Alice, Brandon, and Rocky go to talk with Misty, while Meghan and Rose gather up fishing supplies.

    *A street performer with a Mr. Mime tells Brandon that his Pokemon sees something special in him. The performer gives him Rowap berries for the whole group, and warns him of a “dark storm” that is coming. Meanwhile, Alice helps a woman lift a bag into the trunk of a Taxi. The woman accidentally leaves behind a Mawile’s Pokeball, which Alice holds onto.

    *Rocky, Brandon, and Alice meet with Misty, who tells the group about the location of a secret base that Max had set up in Kanto. She says that they could find Max’s Porgyon, Upgrade, using the computer in that base. Meanwhile, Rose rides a bike for the first time.

    Route 24
    (May 5th, 2018, Evening)

    *The group meets up and discusses the secret base and “dark storm” that they had learned about. A young trainer, accompanied by her older sister, asks Rocky to help her catch an Abra. The group then heads towards the lake in order to fish. Upon reaching a bridge, the group is told that they must beat the Route 24 challenge in order to pass. According to the trainer that greets them, Max and the Sons of Arcanine once controlled the bridge, but a trainer named Cyan had defeated him and taken his place as the Bridge Champion.

    *After progressing through several battles of the challenge, the group realizes that they may not be able to win. During one of the battles, they use smoke screen and other moves in order to create a distraction so that Rocky could sneak through and head for Max’s secret base.

    *Meghan advances to battle the bridge leader Cyan. The battle ends in a tie, and the referee declares Meghan the winner. Cyan gives each member of the group an enigma berry.

    *Rocky finds the entrance to Max’s secret base, and the rest of the group, deciding to hold off on fishing, catch up shortly after.

    *Rose has a vision where she felt as though she was seeing through someone else’s eyes. The person who she could sense had their arms bound, and was surrounded by Men in black uniforms. She hears Max’s voice telling her the code for the door to his secret base. Max tells her that there are pokeballs in a secret hatch, and that cerulean is in danger.

    *The group sees a row of display cases containing Pokeballs, with a symbol carved into each one. Rocky examines them and determines that they have something to do with legendary pokemon.

    *Rose, panicked, tries to explain what Max’s voice had told her. Suddenly, a hologram of Porygon appears and tells the group that Rose has psychic abilities that are similar to Max’s. It tells them that Upgrade is south of Cerulean city, and that it would release a Pokemon to teleport Upgrade back when they found it. In a flash of light, an Alakazam appears in the center of the room. It speaks to everyone telepathically, explaining the cause of Rose’s distress.

    *The Battle for Cerulean City event begins.

    Cerulean City
    (May 6th, 2018, early morning)
    (Side Note: This event was only 12 pages long, but a ton of things happened during it, hence why the summary for this part is so long. This was one of the most important events in the story, so if there was only one part of the story worth reading back on in its entirety, this would be it.)

    *The team finds themselves plagued by terrifying nightmares. A blurry figure speaks to some in the group, freeing them from their nightmare. In Meghan’s dream, the Blur tells her that something is happening in Cerulean city, but that the group is not ready to face what’s there.

    *Meghan wakes up and shouts to the rest of the group that they have to go. Realizing that all the warnings that they had received were real, the group decides to run for Cerulean. The group arrives at the city to see it on fire. The team decides that they will try to help. Sensing something unusual, the Alakazam from Max’s Base teleports away to investigate.

    *Jacob arrives in Cerulean City from the Delta Emerald timeline with no idea where he is or how he got there. He sees some Team Rocket grunts yelling something about “experiment III,” and hears a sinister voice speak to him in his head, telling him that he doesn’t belong here.

    *Following a voice calling for help, Alice, Rose, and Brandon find and save a young boy and his mother.

    *Jacob’s Gallade, Gwaine, feels something inside of Jacob’s head. Entering Jacob’s thoughts, Gwaine can see a shadowy figure searching through Jacob’s memories, trying to find where he had come from. Using all of his strength, Gwaine forces the entity out of Jacob’s thoughts before it could cause any damage.

    *Alakazam suddenly appears in front of Jacob. Alakazam speaks to Jacob telepathically, telling him that he has somehow come here from another world, and asking him for help. It then teleports back to Alice, taking Jacob with him.

    *Meghan and Rocky gain control of the area around the bridge. Suddenly, they hear a voice which Rocky recognizes as the older sister of the trainer who had asked Rocky earlier to help catch an abra. They run towards the voice, but as the older sister comes into sight, the ground begins to shake. A hole in the ground begins to open up, and the girl falls in. The ground begins to shake again, and two shadow Sandshrew burst out. After defeating the Pokemon, Rocky manages to save the young trainers.

    *Jacob introduces himself to Alice, Rose, and Brandon. Alakazam tells everyone that the gym is the source of the shadow energy. Alakazam and Gwaine combine their powers in order to teleport the four trainers back to where Meghan and Rocky are. They can all see rocket grunts rushing to load two helicopters.

    *Jacob tells the group about how shadow energy corrupts both people and Pokemon, and that anyone who is not prepared to risk their life should leave now. Rocky, bothered by this, starts arguing with Jacob. Meghan disrupts the fight and insists the group moves in closer to see what the rocket grunts are doing.

    *Meghan comes up with a plan to overload the helicopters using electric type Pokemon, and tells Alice and Rose to head to the gym and make sure Misty is ok while they deal with the grunts. Jacob begins the attack on the grunts with a sandstorm.

    *As Alice and Rose enter the gym, something begins messing with their heads, and they see illusions of a younger Misty and Max. Misty and Max argue over nightmares that Max had been having. Misty seems to think that the nightmares have something to do with a legend that Max had been pursuing. Misty yells at Max for disappearing for weeks at a time, and tells Max not to come back if he doesn’t want to tell her what’s going on.

    *The illusion fades and the group can now see that Misty is lying unconscious on the ground. In the dark room, the pair can make out a figure in black clothes enter. A red R is visible on his chest. The man begins speaking to the pair telepathically, referring to himself as “we,” and saying that Alice and Rose were familiar to him. The man falls to his knees, grabbing his head, while continuing to speak telepathically about light and shadow energy.

    *The figure suddenly storms past the pair and out of the room. Rose and Alice feel the ground give way beneath them and they are submerged in some type of liquid. When they manage to surface, they find themselves lying on the ground, with no liquid to be seen. Outside, as Meghan, Rocky, Brandon, and Jacob battle Team Rocket, shadow Pokemon suddenly appear and begin attacking the grunts. In the center of the chaos, the figure in dark clothes stands. The leader of the grunts refers to him as “Dredd.”

    *Alice and Rose, bringing Misty with them, battle their way through shadow Pokemon to reach the rest of the group. Alice realizes that Dredd might be Max.

    *Alakazam appears and blasts Dredd with a powerful psychic attack, knocking the rest of the group back. Dredd is completely unphased by the attack. Rose falls unconscious and finds herself standing in the middle of Cerulean city, now completely fine. The same blur that had appeared in the group’s dreams earlier appears and tells her that she is locked in her mind, and that she can call others there by thinking about them. She tests this by calling Alice.

    *Dredd tries to rip out the group’s souls, but something stops him and momentarily dazes him. Following the Blurr’s instruction, Rose uses this chance to open a gateway into Max’s Mind, and Alice goes through. Meanwhile outside, Virtue, a trainer from the Thunder Yellow timeline, finds herself transported to Cerulean City. She can see the group unconscious, and hears helicopters and fire trucks on the way. First responders to the disaster take Virtue and the injured group to a shelter.

    *Alice moves through Max’s memories. One of the memories seems to suggest that Max was given his powers through an experiment by his father. Suddenly the sky begins to darken. Around Rose, an ocean of purple floods in, and the gate to Max’s mind shuts, trapping Alice. Dredd takes control of Rose’s body and uses it to question Jacob on where he came from.

    *Alice continues through Max’s memories, and eventually everything goes dark. Giratina suddenly appears to Alice. Meanwhile outside, Dredd, using Rose’s body, begins to attack Jacob, digging through his memories. Before Jacob’s mind could break however, he is pulled back to his own timeline. Dredd leaves Rose’s body, giving her a warning not to try and link with him again.

    *Giratina tries to swallow Alice, but Rose manages to re-open the gate. The blur travels through the gate and blinds Giratina, saving Alice. Alice and Rose both wake up.

    Route 5 and 6
    (May 6th, 2018, Morning)

    *The group continues on their mission to find Upgrade.

    *The group meets a trainer named Leaf in a clearing in the forest. leaf explains that there are Hoppip on the eastern edge of the forest and fletchling on the western edge. The team splits up to catch these Pokemon.

    *After meeting back up, the team reaches a daycare Center, where they learn about a Pokemon thief.

    *The team encounters a crowd blocking the road. They find the gym leader Surge, accompanied by an army of grunts, in the middle of a Pokemon Battle.

    *Surge begins to bully the trainer who he just had beaten, and Meghan steps in to stop him. Meghan battles Surge, but loses.

    Vermillion City
    (May 6th, 2018, Afternoon)

    *The group arrives at Vermillion City. An unusual amount of soldiers and federal agents seem to be present. Alice is stopped by armed guards as she tries to enter. The soldiers tell her she can pass, and mention that they were installing devices to monitor trainers in order to find those connected to Max and the recent attacks.

    *Meghan, believing that Alice is upset with her, confronts Alice. Alice scolds Meghan for being too reckless. Meghan realizes that Alice is right.

    *One of the soldiers tries to take Rocky for questioning, but a girl convinces him not to. The girl introduces herself as Sophia, and tells him that she had seen the group stand up to Surge earlier. She shows him around town for a while before giving him a stone voucher and heading off.

    *Rose sees an unusual figure, and follows the boy towards the north of town. Rose follows the boy into the forest outside the city. Suddenly she feels as though she is surrounded by fire. The boy reveals himself to be Max. He gives Rose a vague warning. The warning seems to suggest a shipwreck, and hints that one of her friends may die. Max explains to Rose that he is not really Max, but an illusion that she had subconsciously created to help her understand her powers. The illusion of Max leaves one last hint to choose her path carefully before fading.

    *Alice receives a call from Brock, who tells her about the computers that the group had previously seen being installed. He informs her of someone in Lavender town who may be able to help the group evade the computers. He also mentions a rare fossil deposit on One Island, asking her to check it out if the group happens to end up near there.

    *Brandon notices a young boy following him. The boy introduces himself as Ty, and tells Brandon that the group had helped him and his older sister escape Cerulean City when Dredd and Team Rocket attacked. Meanwhile, Meghan bumps into Ty’s older sister Stacy, who is currently looking for him. Meghan offers to help Stacy find Ty.

    *Rocky is given a tip that someone is on the group’s trail trying to track them down, and warns the rest of the group.

    *Brandon arrives back at the Pokemon Center with Ty, and Rose arrives shortly after. Stacy thanks Brandon for looking after Ty. The group also meets and briefly chats with the trainer Marcela, whom they had previously travelled with.

    *The group relocates and discusses what to do next. Meghan gives the group two options: Go to lavender town and try to clear the group’s names, or continue chasing after Max’s Porygon. The group decides that Meghan will go after Upgrade, while the rest of the group heads to Lavender town.

    *When the team ask at the Pokemon Center about having the injured Pokemon that they had left behind in Cerulean delivered, they find out that someone or something has intercepted one of the Pokemon deliveries

    *After preparing, the group makes their way to battle Surge. They arrive to find the gym closed with Trainers gathered around. They hear that it was discovered that Surge was the culprit behind the theft at the Pokemon Daycare that the group had passed earlier, and that Surge has gone into hiding. The group uses the commotion caused by this to slip out of town.

    Route 11
    (May 6th, 2018, Evening)

    *After making their way down the path, the group encounters a guru with a group of Drowzee. Sensing Rose’s powers, the psychic types begin to gather around her. Alice, remembering a bad experience that she had with a Drowzee, runs off down the path.

    *As the Guru tries to explain that Drowzee are drawn to psychic energy, the Drowzee suddenly takes control of the Guru’s body and use it to ask the team to join them. Meanwhile up ahead, Alice encounters and begins talking with a man. The man, who is apparently a private investigator, clearly hints that he knows who Alice is and that she is on the run before releasing his Arbok. Alice finds herself unable to move.

    *The Investigator tells Alice that the rest of the team is being drawn into a trick, and tells Alice to bet on whether they will take the side of the Drowzee or old man, and that he would take her Pokemon if she chose wrong. Alice bets that the team will take the Guru’s side.

    *The team agrees to let the Drowzee come with them, and the psychic types release their control of the Guru. The Guru suddenly begins to claim that the Drowzee had been controlling him for days, and that they need to trust him and defeat them. Brandon sides with the Drowzee, but Rocky turns on Brandon, thinking that the Drowzee have begun to control him. Rose sides with Rocky, and the group begins battling the Drowzee.

    *After the the group defeats the Drowzee, the Guru hugs each of them to thank them. After he leaves, they find that they have been pickpocketed. Meanwhile, The investigator, having lost the bet, leaves a Paralyze heal on the ground in front of Alice, but takes her Ivysaur anyway. A Drowzee hesitantly comes out of the bushes and pours the Paralyze heal into Alice’s mouth.

    *With the Drowzee’s help, Alice manages to track down the investigator. outside a building in the woods, which appears to be a lodge. Alice battles the investigator, but loses. Her partner Pokemon, still hiding in the grass, blasts the investigator directly with lightning. The investigator decides to retreat, telling Alice that his name is Marius, and they will meet again. The group catches up to Alice shortly after and stays in the Lodge for the night.

    *Meghan sends the group a message, informing them that she had found what seemed to be mass graves filled with Pokeballs. She explains that Upgrade should be nearby, and that she plans on retrieving it soon. Suddenly, it appears as though she is trying to hide from something, and the message cuts off. Unknown to the rest of the group, Meghan is captured by the white rockets.

    Route 12
    (May 7th, 2018, Morning)

    *The team is woken up at 8 AM by a voice from downstairs. Alice makes her way downstairs and sees that it is a ranger, and learns that the building they had stayed in is a ranger station. The Ranger relaxes when she realizes it was just a misunderstanding. She asks if the group has seen someone named Reese around, but the group hadn’t. Afterwards she escorts the Team out of the lodge.

    *After making their way through a police checkpoint without incident, the group finds that the bridge they needed to cross to reach Lavender town has collapsed.

    *The group is advised to take a detour to Rifure City, but is stopped by a detective, who introduces himself as Detective Mills. Most of the group try to talk their way out, but Brandon tries to battle, and loses badly.

    *Detective Mills seems suspicious of the official story, but takes the group into custody and begins bringing them back to Vermillion City.. The group eventually stops for the night.

    *Meghan, having been captured by Rocket grunts, is taken to what appears to be an old factory. She attempts to escape, but the grunts threaten her Pokemon, forcing her to surrender.

    Vermillion City
    (May 8th, 2018, Morning)

    *As the group begins travelling again, they run into a girl saying she was robbed by an old man with some Drowzee. The group realizes that this is the Guru that they had encountered the other day. Detective Mills arrests the Guru, and one of the Drowzee decides to join Alice’s team.

    *The group arrives back in Vermillion City, but as they approach the police station, suddenly something in the distance explodes. Mills runs in to investigate, telling the team beforehand that he would not hold it against them if they flee, but that he would track them down again. The team decides to follow him in to help.

    *The group sees several Voltorb causing explosions around town. After battling their way through, they see Surge standing on top of a building and using a group of Magnezone to create a wall of electric around him. Unseen by the people outside, his grunts in the building load Pokeballs onto a truck.

    *Surge, clearly insane, begins ranting about how he fought in the great Johto War, and that he is stealing Pokemon to prepare for the next war. He orders the Magnemite to release a wave of electricity, knocking out every person and Pokemon in the city. When the group wakes up, Surge is gone.

    *Meghan is thrown back into a cell by the Rockets, but this time is not alone. In the cell with her is Kyo, a member of the White Rockets who was captured after learning about the existence of the black rockets.

    *Mills decides to let the group go, saying that he would claim they disappeared in the chaos. He suggests they follow Surge to the Sevii islands, and that if they could get the stolen Pokemon back it would make them look good and help to prove their innocence. Mills suggests they look for tickets to take the S.S Annie to the islands.

    *The group learns about a man named Bill who they may be able to convince to give them tickets, provided the group helps him with his research.

    *Meghan talks with Kyo, clearly distrustful of the White Rocket. Meghan explains that she had seen hidden labs downstairs where they had been doing experiments on humans. Kyo explains that the white rockets have nothing to do with the facility. Kyo had been investigating her boss’s murder when she stumbled upon the facility and was taken captive.

    *The group arrives at Bill’s lab to find it looked more like a strange mansion. They find Bill stuck in a giant Kabuto suit. Alice helps him out of the suit, and Bill invites everyone upstairs to where his actual lab is.

    *Bill seems to take an interest in Rose’s Chingling, so Rose decides to show off her powers, hoping it would help convince him to trust the group. She has Bill hold an object behind his back. Rose uses her sensing to determine that the object is heart shaped, and tells this to Bill. She then explains about her blindness and powers.

    *To Rose’s surprise, Bill has heard of her, and proceeds to pull out a file containing details of the study in which Rose was linked with Amirah. Bill proceeds to mention that he was looking for assistants to help research a rare gem.

    *Bill seems to take interest in Alice’s experience with fossil Pokemon. After healing the group’s Pokemon, Bill examine’s Alice’s Archen. Bill tells Alice that her Pokemon seems to be well taken care of, and asks Alice and Rose if they would be willing to work for him. After a bit of discussion, he extends that offer to Brandon and Rocky as well. Shortly after, the team makes their way to the S.S Annie, boarding with the tickets Bill gave them.

    Rocket Base
    (May 8th, 2018, Evening)

    *Meghan and Kyo begin to feel a creepy feeling. Meghan begins to panic, realizing that it is the same feeling she felt when she faced Dredd. They can hear the sounds of guards screaming followed by gunshots coming from somewhere else in the base.

    *The Togepi egg in Meghan’s bag hatched, and the small Pokemon made its way to Meghan’s cell. With Kyo’s help, Meghan was able to get the Togepi to use Metronome. After several attempts, Hyper beam was used, and the door to Meghan’s cell blew open. Meghan, still considering the White Rockets to be just as bad as the black rockets, considers leaving Kyo behind, but ultimately decides to free her.

    *Meghan and Kyo make their way upstairs and find what appears to be a torture room. In the next room they find a locker containing Max’s belongings, but Upgrade isn’t there.

    *As Meghan and Kyo continue searching, they find a mortally wounded grunt, who tells them that they sold Upgrade, mentioning a place called Cycle Road. Suddenly the pair are hit by a wave of fear, and are frozen in place as Dredd approaches them. Dredd begins to toy with Kyo, dragging her down into purple liquid, while Meghan screams for Dredd to leave her alone.

    S.S Annie
    (May 8th, 2018, Evening)

    *Rocky drags Brandon to the Buffet, where they bump into Stacy and Ty. A green haired trainer seems to be giving Stacy some trouble.

    *Rose Tells Alice about the vision of Max that she had seen. The two head to their room to take some precautions, but Rose suddenly begins to have another vision of Max.

    *the Vision of Max tells Rose that Meghan has run into Dredd, and that there is another trainer with her. It explains to her that the other trainer needs Rose’s help, and with the vision’s aid, Rose is able to open a door and mentally bring Kyo to her.

    *The green haired trainer is revealed to be a gym leader from Unova named Cilian. Stacy explains that they had dated for a couple of months. Cilian mentions that there are several gym leaders on board the ship.

    *After taunting Cilian, Rocky manages to convince the gym leader to introduce him to an Elite four member named Will who is also on board. They find Will with chairs floating around him, a crowd watching as he talks about his psychic powers. Rocky also hears a rumour that Will is transporting a psychic gem of some sort.

    *Rose and Kyo execute Max’s plan. Rose charges Kyo’s Meowstic with psychic energy before sending Kyo and her Pokemon back through the gate. The Meowstic then releases that energy, breaking Kyo free from Dredd’s grasp. In the process, Rose’s power is drained, and she becomes unable to sense her surroundings for a while.

    *Kyo wakes up on the floor back in the factory. She orders her partner to break some pipes, blasting Dredd with hot steam and temporarily incapacitating him.

    *Dredd shows Meghan an illusion of Kyo killing all of her friends. When Meghan is broken free from Dredd’s illusion, disoriented and hearing Dredd’s voice echo in her head, she tackles Kyo. Meghan comes to her senses when Kyo mentions Rose. She tries to apologize, explaining that Dredd messed with her head.

    *As Alice tries to help Rose to her room, they run into Rocky and Brandon. The four discuss everything that had happened, and Rocky talks about a meet and greet he had learned about that would be taking place at 9:30 in the main ballroom.

    *The team heads to the meet and greet and are seated next to Stacy and Ty. Will enters the room wearing a mask and begins to address everyone. Without the group noticing, the servers block off the exits and begin pumping gas into the room, knocking everyone unconscious.

    *Everyone wakes up a short time later. They find that the doors are locked and their Pokemon are missing. The only way out of the room appears to be a vent, however only Rose and Ty are small enough to fit through.

    *With Rose unable to see, Ty goes through the vent alone. In another room he finds Will, Cilian and a masked man. The masked man appears to be the leader of the trio, and holds a yellow gem.

    *Meghan and Kyo fly to the S.S Annie on their Pokemon. After fighting their way through some grunts on the ship, they find Ty, who leads them to where the group is trapped. Their Pokemon manage to break open the door, freeing everyone.

    *Kyo begins leading the passengers towards the lifeboats. Meghan and Rocky head off to create a distraction while the rest of the group looks for the stolen Pokemon.

    *Alice, Rose, Brandon, Ty, and Stacy Locate the stolen Pokemon, but learn from a grunt that Dredd is near.

    *The five trainers make their way into a large room and see a hooded boy. around the boy, waiters float in the air. Rose feels her powers boosted, and her senses return.

    *Meghan and Rocky, having fought their way to the top deck and defeated Cilian, encounter Will. Will holds the yellow gem Ty had seen earlier, and explains that the Inquisitor gem is capable of boosting a psychic’s power. Using his powers, he lifts Meghan and Rocky off the ground.

    *Dredd suddenly rides in on a shadow Charizard. Meghan and Rocky retreat as Dredd takes the gem from Will, and begins absorbing its power to become even stronger. Using the gem’s power, he summons a massive Tentacruel, followed by a swarm of smaller tentacruel to attack the ship.

    *The waiters being held in the air by the hooded boy begin repeating the group’s names. The boy controls Brandon’s body, causing him to pull out his pocket knife and stab himself, then drops some of the waiters to the ground and controls them to attack Brandon. Rose can feel the energy released by the gem above, followed by Dredd’s presence. Suddenly Rose falls unconscious and wakes up next to Dredd. In a similar manner to how Rose was able to mentally bring Kyo to her, Dredd had physically brought Rose to him.

    *Dredd torments the group with illusions, showing Alice an illusion of Dredd being controlled by Rose like a puppet, and Rocky an illusion of his parent’s wealth being obtained through harvesting Pokemon body parts. Meanwhile, Rose finds herself in Dredd’s place, holding the gem and being manipulated by Dredd to control the Tentacruel, as Dredd tells her that everything happening is her doing.

    *Under Dredd’s control, Rose orders the giant tentacruel to attack the ship, and it smashes a tentacle through two floors. Suddenly a door appears near her, and she is able to enter. Inside is the real Max, locked inside of a jail cell.

    *Max tells Rose that Giratina has ripped out half of his soul, creating Dredd. He asks Rose to promise to do whatever it takes to stop Dredd, and to free the part of Max’s soul that was taken. He tells Rose that right now, she needs to destroy the Inquisitor gem. He instructs her to throw the gem at the Tentacruel, but to do so without touching it.

    *Rose has her Zubat drop the Inquisitor Gem onto the Tentacruel. Her partner blasts the gem with a psychic wave, causing it to explode. The explosion rips the ship in half, and the team blacks out.

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