GCEA Version: Blizzard Blue
Points Earned From Posting: 378
Other points earned (Points from Sketch Book/Journal and In game Bonuses): 1010
Total Points: 1388
Points Spent: 1055
Current Points: 333
Trainer Name: Alice


Character Info

Name: Alice

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Alice is average height and weight, a bit on the skinny side and has an athletic build. She has ice blue eyes that change from green to blue in different light, and light brown, almost blonde, shoulder-length hair. She mostly wears brown ankle-high boots, striped stockings, a knee-length skirt and a thin long sleeve shirt under a long white coat which somewhat resembles a lab coat. If it's cold, she wears a grey hat and coloured scarf. In the warm months, she keeps her hair from her face with a blue ribbon.

Personality: Alice can be quite reserved around new people. She is naturally trusting and so she forces herself not to get too close to people until she is sure that she should trust them. Despite this, she still appears friendly. She is very determined and competitive and when she is competing with someone is the time that her true personality comes out. She is very harsh on herself and expects the same standards of others. She can also be a bit of a sore loser, though she tries not to show it. She does her best to be a nice person but she can have a short temper and can be incredibly impatient, especially in situations where others are doing something she thinks is less than intelligent. She gets anxious in social situations, but tries to appear calm. She is clever and generally cheerful and helpful, but holds grudges forever. Once she is betrayed it is almost impossible to ever win back her trust.

Personal Traits that describe you character: Quiet, clever, competitive, impatient, cheerful.

Backstory: Alice was born in Viridian City, Kanto to scientist parents. Her father works on Pokemon fossils and unlocking the secrets of the past, while her mother studies living Pokemon, with a focus on biology and development. As a young child in Kanto, Alice spent a lot of time amongst the Pokemon her parents were studying. Her home was filled with different creatures and she figured out that, as a quiet child, she preferred the company of Pokemon to humans.

When she was 5 years old, her father's work on fossil Pokemon led the family to move to Kalos, where new fossils had just been discovered. Upon moving to Ambrette Town, her father joined a laboratory involved in reviving and characterising the new fossil Pokemon, while her mother continued her research on Pokemon from the Kalos region. They lived in a small house by the ocean. Despite the closeness to the beach, Alice didn't venture there often as she has always disliked the ocean and often has nightmares of waves swallowing her up. As before, the house was filled with Pokemon, and Alice enjoyed playing with them, but she never felt quite as at home as she had back in Kanto, surrounded by trees rather than rocks and water. She has never been back to Kanto, but dreams of it often. In her head, it is a wild and beautiful place and she longs to return there.

Alice always knew she wanted to be a scientist, so instead of going on a journey like most kids her age, she began working with her parents and learning as much as possible about Pokemon origins. When she was 16, she left her family to attend university in Lumiose City. She studied Pokemon development and genetics as well as palaeontology. At 19, she has graduated from university and is ready to put her skills to good use. Before she begins working, however, she wants to undertake a journey with Pokemon, which she has come to realise is the best way to really get to know them. Plus she believes it will give her an opportunity to see more of the world and finally return to her beloved Kanto. Before she left, her parents gave her a green notepad and camera, which she intends to use to record information about the Pokemon she meets. She has decided to go back to her home region to get to know the kinds of Pokemon she grew up with. On her journey, she intends to record as much information as possible in order to write a paper that she can submit to the Pokemon League so she can take a Professor exam. She hopes to be the first regional Pokemon Professor specialising in Pokemon fossils. Currently, she is interested in how Pokemon may have evolved from a single ancestor.

1. Family: Alice's parents are scientists working on Pokemon. She is an only child. They are supportive of her dream and proud of her. They are busy with their own research and can be a little scatterbrained when it comes to their own daughter, but they care for her deeply. They have always treated Alice as a grown up and involved her in their work. Alice feels as if all the Pokemon she has grown up surrounded with are part of her family, also.

2. Pokemon experience: Alice has grown up with Pokemon and knows a lot about them, their habitats, moves and abilities. She has a natural way with Pokemon, despite never owning one herself. She has learned how to tend to small wounds, calm angered Pokemon and soothe anxious ones after living among them for so long. Despite this, she has never had a trainer battle besides play battles with her mother in order to gather evidence. She is not very fond of the idea of battling and prefers raising, caring for and studying Pokemon. However, she knows battling is an important part of bonding with Pokemon and would like to learn more about it.

3. Past experience that has defined your character: Growing up around Pokemon has made Alice extremely fond of all kinds of Pokemon. As an only child, she felt almost as if they were her siblings. Being left alone a lot as a child, due to her parents' busy schedules, she is very independent and knows how to take care of herself and the household. Not having had many human friends, she can be slightly awkward around other people.

4. Powers: Not really a power, but Alice seems to have a way with Pokemon. Wild Pokemon are generally a bit more trusting of her than they would be with other humans. This is because Alice has spent a lot of time around Pokemon and learned to understand them a little and knows what kind of body language and tone to use when addressing them in different situations. Alice doesn't realise that this is a special skill as she has not had much contact with other people around wild Pokemon.

Special Pokemon: At the time of her leaving for Kanto, Alice's father had been working on reviving a new Pokemon fossil which seems to contain a female Archen. He intends to send this Pokemon to his daughter once his work is complete, so that she can help raise it and record information about it.

Personal Goals: To learn as much about Pokemon as possible and one day become a Pokemon Professor.

Pet Peeves: People who are stupid, rude, inconsiderate or arrogant.

Region: Originally Kanto [Viridian City], but has lived in Kalos [Ambrette Town] most of her life.

Favorite Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Archen, Tyrunt, Chatot, NidoranM

Favorite Type: Grass

Relationship: None


What starter Pokemon: Bulbasaur

Which Mega would you like?: Shuppet

Drawing or Writing: Either one, but I'd like to draw more often so I might go with that if we have to choose one.

Pokedex Info

Pokemon In Party: (6/6) ♂ ♀

1.) Venusaur (Aster), Male, Lv 32 + 2 [Red Scarf]

2.) Braixen (Jedi), Female, Lv 30

3.) Tyrunt, Male, Lv 30

4.) Raichu (Paprika), Female, Lv 35

5.) Eevee, Female, Lv 25

6.) Aerodactyl, Lv 30

Partner Pokemon
Archen (Plume), Female, Lv 28 + 2 [Blue Scarf]

(Kanto Dex=44)(Kanto Captures=31)(Kanto Evolved=13)(Kanto Fully Evolved=8)

(Full Dex=56)(Captures=42)(Evolved=14)(Fully Evolved=9)

Boxed Pokemon:()

First Stage Pokemon
Bonsly Egg, Level 15
Shuppet (Marionette), Female, Lv 30
Spearow (Javelin), Male, Lv 6
Rattata (Domino), Female, Lv 5
Spinarak (Cobweb), Male, Lv 11
Zubat (Zero), Male, Lv 9
Igglybuff (Poppy), Female, Lv 18
Ekans (Salizar), Male, Lv 11
Buneary (Pom), Female, Lv 20
Oddish (Dew), Female, Lv 10
Mime Jr (Jester), Male, Lv 15
Abra (Echo), Male, Lv 10
Shadow Geodude, Male, Lv 22
Fletchling (Kindle), Female, Lv 9
Togepi (Seraphim), Female, Lv 16
Drowzee (Amity), Female, Lv 13
Tentacool (Spurt), Male, Lv 18
Ledyba (Polkadot), Female, Lv 8
Natu (Promise), Female, Lv 13
Pancham, Male, Lv 15
Shieldon, Female, Lv 15
Tirtouga, Male, Lv 19
Darumaka, Male, Lv 14
Shadow Honedge, Male, Lv 25
Shadow Houndour, Male, Lv 26
Shiny Ralts, Lv 9
Misdreavus, Lv 19
Bulbasaur, Female, Lv 5
Spiky-Eared Pichu, Male, Lv 30

Second Stage Pokemon
Nidorino (Finn), Male, Lv 25
Clefairy (Clover), Female, Lv 19

Final Stage
Mawile (Memento), Female, Lv 30
Butterfree (Citrus), Male, Lv 30
Parasect (Spore), Female, Lv 30
Persian (Coin), Male, Lv 28
Furret (Almond), Female, Lv 30
Primeape (Fervor), Female, Lv 30
Pidgeot (Aria), Female, Lv 36

Name ideas: Flit, Quiver, Sprig, Whim, Musket, Bayonet, Echo, Muse, Wisp, Aeon, Willow, Cinnamon, Pepper, Mint, Berry, Dawn, Gleam, Horizon, Brisk, Flora, Wattle, Thistle, Sprocket, Velocity, Pebble, Amity, Zephyr, Aeronaut, Aviator, Legion, Cavalry, Spry, Harbringer, Promise, Ore, Copper, Cobble

Potion x4
Pokeball x24
Premier Ball x4 //-2 off wild Pokemon cost
Great Ball x6 //-5 off wild Pokemon cost
Lemonade x2 //+15 HP
Zinc x5 //+6 levels
Tinymushroom x1 // Double points for a weekend

Everstone x2 //prevents evolution
Red Scarf x1 //+2 levels [attached to Aster]
Blue Scarf x1 //+2 levels [attached to Plume]
Silver Powder x 1 //raise bug type by 10 levels
Eviolite x 2 //gives unevolved Pokemon an evolution bonus in battle (one from Meg)
Light Ball x1 //double electric bonus for Spiky-Eared Pichu [attached to Spiky-Eared Pichu]

Dawn Stone x1
Moon Stone x1
Fire Stone x1
Dusk Stone x1
Water Stone x1

Shuca Berry x3 //changes Pokemon's colour
Rowap Berry x1 //purifies a Shadow Pokemon
Enigma Berry x2 //evolves a Pokemon
Passho Berry x1 //blocks weakness to Fairy in battle
Cheri Berry x 1 // +7HP
Belue Berry x 3 //-5 levels permanently
Salac Berry x5 // cures Shadow poisoning

Stone Voucher x4 //exchange for basic stone

Pokeball x36
Moon Ball x1 [on NidoranM]
Belue Berry x1 [on Tyrunt //-5 levels]
Zinc x1 [on Archen //+6 levels]
Shiny Charm [on Bulbasaur]
Thunderstone x1 [on Pikachu]

Expenses: (Points Spent: 200)
Everstone (5)
Pokeball x 50 (50)
Moon Ball (25)
Premier Ball x 2 (0)
Memorial Day Donation (75)
Lottery x 7 (7)
Salac Berry x5 (30)
Eviolite x1 (10)

Captures: (Points Spent: 288)
Rattata (5), Shuppet (0), Spearow (6), Mankey (7), Caterpie (5), Pichu (7), Pidgeotto (23), NidoranM (8), Sentret (7), Spinarak (11), Zubat (9), Paras (9), Igglybuff (8), Cleffa (9), Ekans (11), Oddish (10), Abra (10), Shadow Geodude (22), Meowth (12), Fletchling (9), Drowzee (13), Tentacool (18), Ledyba (8), Natu (13), Pancham (15), Darumaka (14), Misdreavus (19)

Evolution: (Points Spent: 176)
Aster [Bulbasaur -> Ivysaur] (16), Citrus [Caterpie -> Metapod] (7), Citrus [Metapod -> Butterfree] (10), Finn [NidoranM -> Nidorino] (16), Almond [Sentret -> Furret] (15), Spore [Paras -> Parasect] (24), Jedi [Fennekin -> Braixen] (16), Paprika [Pichu -> Pikachu] (0), Clover [Cleffa -> Clefairy] (0), Coin [Meowth -> Persian] (28), Fervor [Mankey -> Primeape] (28), Aria [Pidgeotto -> Pidgeot] (12), Aster [Ivysaur -> Venusaur] (4), Paprika (Pikachu -> Raichu) (0)

Leveling Up: (Points Spent: 322)
Shuppet [LV 5 to 7] (4), Mankey [LV 7 to 9] (4), Ivysaur [LV 16 to 20] (8), Butterfree [LV 10 to 15] (10), Shuppet [LV 7 to 17] (20), Pichu [LV 7 to 17] (20), Pichu [LV 17 to 20] (6), Ivysaur [LV 20 to 25] (10), Pichu [LV 20 to 25] (10), Pidgeotto [LV 23 to 25] (4), Nidorino [LV 16 to 21] (10), Tyrunt [LV 24 to 25] (2), Shuppet [LV 17 to 25] (16), Nidorino [LV 21 to 25] (8), Butterfree [LV 15 to 25] (20), Parasect [LV 24 to 25] (2), Furret [LV 15 to 25] (20), Cleffa [LV 9 to 19] (20), Igglybuff [LV 8 to 18] (20), Tyrunt [LV 25 -> 30] (10), Mawile [LV 23 -> 30] (14), Ivysaur [LV 25 to 28] (6), Archen [LV 19 to 22] (6), Shuppet [LV 25 to 30] (10), Braixen [LV 16 to 30] (28), Butterfree [LV 25 to 30] (10), Furret [LV 25 to 30] (10), Primeape [LV 28 to 30] (4), Parasect [LV 25 to 30] (10)

Temporary/Traded Away/Deceased:
Oddish, Dodrio (Oak's Pokemon; returned)

Unlocked Pokemon/Gift/Free Pokemon: (Points Spent:71)
Tyrunt [P:29] (0), Buneary Egg [P:20] (0), Archen Egg [P:19] (0), Mime Jr. Egg [P:15] (15), Mawile [P:23] (0), Fennekin [P:5] (0), Togepi Egg [P:16] (16), Shiny Bulbasaur [P:5] (0), Tirtouga [P:19] (0), Shieldon [P:15] (0), Aerodactyl [P:30] (0), Shadow Honedge [P:25] (0), Shadow Houndour [P:26] (0), Shiny Ralts [P:9] (0), Spiky-Eared Pichu [P:30] (0), Eevee [P:25] (25), Bonsly Egg [P:15] (15)

Capture 10 wild Pokemon (Mime Jr.)
Capture 20 wild Pokemon (Togepi)

Jobs: (+191)
Bank thread (5 points) x17
Bank thread (10 points) x1
Bank thread (8 points) x6
Bank thread (16 points) x2
Story prep (8 points) x2

Events/Bonus Cash: (+460)
Thunder Yellow (39)
Shadow Tracker Max birthday (5 points)
Comatose birthday (5 points)
Sou Cleife birthday (5 points)
Memorial Day Weekend (74)
Starter Event (20)
Sins Mini Event (12)
Battle for Cerulean City Posts (24)
Brettles birthday (5)
Lottery (30)
My Birthday! (30)
Double Point Weekend (9)
Mike half-birthday (5)
Suicune's Fire birthday (5)
Dream Mini Event (9)
Neo Emolga birthday (5)
Noblejanobii birthday (5)
20th Anniversary Celebi Story (30)
Double point weekend (12)
Comatose birthday (5)
RR Start Up Event (30)
Half birthday (41)
Birthday extravaganza (25)
Shadow World Mini Event (30)

Battle Points: (+41)
Won vs Trainer, Route 22 (2 points)
Lost vs Ethan, Viridian Forest (3 points)
Draw vs Trainer, Viridian Forest (2 points)
Won vs Zubat (6 points)
Won vs Rocket Grunt (8 points)
Pewter Gym Hard Mode (5 points)
Cerulean Gym Hard Mode (8 points)
Won vs Trainers, Route 6 (5 points)
Won vs Rattata, Route 11 (2 points)

Event Log:

GCEA Journal:
Entry One (13 points)
Entry Two (15 points)
Entry Three (15 points)
Entry Four (15 points)
Starter Event Week One (15 points)
Starter Event Week Three (15 points)
Entry Five (15 points)
Entry Six (12 points)
Entry Seven
Total: 115

GCEA Sketch Book:
Aster and Oddish (13 points)
Javelin (8 points)
Paprika and Rotom (15 points)
Starter Event Week 2 (14 points)
Starter Event Week 4 (14 points)
Plume the Archen (15 points)
Togepi Hatching (12 points)
Memento (12 points)
Sleeping Saurs (12 points)
Total: 115

Battle Arena
Attempt #1 28/3 (4 points)
Attempt #2 2/4 (4 points)
Weekly Top of Ladder 5/4 (5 points)
Attempt #3 7/4 (4 points)
Attempt #4 10/4 (4 points)
Weekly Top of Ladder 13/4 (5 points)
Attempt #5 21/4 (4 points)
Monthly Top of Ladder 27/4 (15 points)
Attempt #6 16/6 (2 points)
Attempt #7 20/6 (4 points)
Attempt #8 10/10 (2 points)
Attempt #9 16/10 (2 points)
Attempt #10 19/10 (2 points)
Attempt #11 22/10 (2 points)
Attempt #12 30/10 (2 points)
Attempt #13 4/11 (2 points)
Attempt #14 12/11 (2 points)
Weekly Top of Ladder (5 points)
Attempt #15 & 16 24/1 (4 points)
Attempt #17 and 18 2/2 (4 points)
Weekly Top of Ladder (5 points)
Attempt #19 19/2 (4 points)
Attempt #20 24/4 (4 points)
Total: 89