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Thread: Could mass extinction ever play a part into a Pokemon Game?

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    Could mass extinction ever play a part into a Pokemon Game?

    In the world of pokemon there is no shortage of farfecth'd story lines. The basic plot for each of the games can be broken down into a basic template that only needs a slight adjustments to be repackaged for future games. What pokemon has never really touched on and possibly for good reason is the overall human effect on pokemon. If pokemon are indeed animals, weather patterns, deforestation and endangered pokemon should all be factors that are at least mentioned in the game. The closet the game gets to this is calling a pokemon "Rare". First, lets define rare. Is a rare pokemon one that simply prefers to be a loner or is this a pokemon whose numbers are so low that they are hard to find? If the pokemon is in fact endangered shouldn't there be protections in place to help repopulate before letting trainers hunt down and capture the last of the ones in the wild? Furthermore, are the pokemon we are seeing the pokemon that have been around since the mew started creating the species? Or are these pokemon the ones that survived natural selection. Which then begs the question what happened to all the others? How could we have pokemon fossils over 7 or 8 pokemon but not discuss the evolution of the species after that. Where are the willyrhinos and mamoths of the pokemon world?

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    Well, we do have Pokemon fossils (though it is unlikely that they all lived in the same eras, judging by the species some of them were based on), plus a Legendary Pokemon who is outright stated to be able to cause mass death (Yveltal), so it is a possibility.

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    There was in the Rainbow Rocket series where Lysandre came from an alternate dimension where his death machine actually extinguished the human race. It is a topic taken seriously in the games and has occured during the games, and not just through fossils laying around.


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