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Thread: Shruikan's Blue Communitylocke

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    OK, so I went up to route 21 and caught another Shellder, cause there's no need for the dupilcate clause this late on. (I named it VIVI) I then flew back to Viridian City, soloed Goevanni with CELICA while taking no damage. That guy must be tired of this by now :P
    Anyway, this was short. Next update will be longer I hope.

    [I will edit in the time once I have access to my gameboy.]

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    One thing I have to say is that I really enjoyed the naming patterns of the Pokémon and the funny possibilities that produced. Zelda being thrown into the Day Care, for example, I found to be quite comical. :P

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    Honestly when I do wonderlockes or any "locke" for that matter. I tend to use one Pokemon more than another. Kinda makes things harder on me in the long run. So when you had some instances where like MIDNA soloed everything, I was like "That happens to me all too often" xD.

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    Out of curiosity, how many different kinds of lockes are there?
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