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Free Gem Update in Pokemon Masters!

Do you need some Gems in Pokemon Masters?

How does it sound to get 6000 Gems in Pokemon Masters?

Then worry not! Pokemon Masters is going to give out 6000 Gems for all players of the new mobile game.

The Reason

The reason for the Gems are a result of a few bugs. A message was given that the 6000 Gems are for “Bug Compensation”. Based on the Current Known Issues report, it seems as if this was based on the errors regarding the Dire Hit/Dire Hit All ability and Incorrect Items listed.

Dire Hit/Dire Hit All didn’t match their descriptions. The descriptions for this ability didn’t quite match what was put into the game. Because of that, their name has been changed to Dire Hit +/Dire Hit + All. Several Sync Pairs were effected by this change such as popular ones like Phoebe & Dusclops, Karen & Houndoom and Gardenia & Roserade.

A lot of items required for upgrade 2 Star Gears were mislabeled. These included the Bandanna, Pin and Bracelet.

How to Redeem

Due to the issues and their impact on the game, compensation was given to players in the form of 6000 Gems to all players. In order to collect these 6000 Gems, players would need to update their games and redeem them from your Present Box before their expire. You will have until October 12th to redeem your 6000 Gems.

Now players can try to get new Sync Pairs such as Blue & Pidgeot from the 10x Sync Pairs special that is can only be purchased with Unpaid Gems. Best of luck Pokemon Masters trainers!

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