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FULL Detective Pikachu Movie! LEAKED!

Det Pikachu Leak
It has happen! Detective Pikachu movie has been leaked!

Are you excited for Detective Pikachu to be released in a theater near you! The movie comes out this Friday but you can watch it now!

The Twitter account, Inspector Pikachu, has leaked the full movie to YouTube! You can tell that this is the real thing because it includes the logos for Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures. The logo for The Pokemon Company is also shown in the opening sequence.

The movie looks great and you should watch it as well. That is why we are providing you with the video below. That way you can watch it as well!

We hope that you love the movie! It sure does have a catchy soundtrack.

If you have read this far then by now you would know that this is actually a marketing ploy by Ryan Reynolds and the ones who are in charge of Detective Pikachu social media team. It has certainly got some people spooked when the video was making the rounds claiming to be a leak Detective Pikachu movie. Imagine the surprise when the movie started as if it was a real movie only to be Detective Pikachu dancing.

It seems like everybody involved with Detective Pikachu are excited for the release of the new movie. I am certainly excited for the movie. This little tease is only making me even more.

Enjoy the movie!

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