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Game Informer Exclusive with Game Freak

Game Informer Gamefreak Interview
Get ready for an exclusive with Game Freak!

Game Informer has recently took a trip to Japan for an exclusive look into Game Freak’s studio!  They have gone where no western publication has gone before! The depths of Game Freak!

The publication got to look at where Pokemon was made, hold meetings, and looked at amazing content involving Pokemon. You can read about their look into Game Freak in Game Informer’s next issue which will be covered in a 12 pages feature. This feature will also includes Game Freak’s plans for Pokemon on the Switch.

Can’t wait for the feature? Game Informer will be releasing special articles on their website. So far they have a video featuring Game Freak’s plans for Pokemon on the Switch. They were able to interview Junichi Masuda and Shigeru Ohmori concerning Pokemon’s plans on the Switch. You can watch the interview in the window below.

Game Informer has also publish Game Freak’s history prior to releasing Pokemon. Some of it has already been mention elsewhere but there are some interesting tidbits. This history lesson includes an intriguing view of Game Freak’s relationship with Nintendo from the early years. You can read about it here.

You can watch Game Informer’s trailer about their exclusive look into Game Freak below. Make sure to check back with them for more about their time at Game Freak.

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