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Gengar/Dragalge Standard Deck (I made this)


Wanting to test a new competitive deck with friends? Well look no further, as this might be the deck for you! I’m so pumped up for the new set of X&Y coming out in November. This set is known as “Phantom Gates” which is the English name (Phantom Forces is the Japanese name). This will be the deck that I will build + play on Pokemon TCG online and hopefully in real life as well! Well, enough of me talking and let’s get cracking to the deck.

Deck Build

Pokemon: 19

4 Gengar EX (Phantom Forces)
2 MGengar EX (Phantom Forces)
2 Trubbish (Plasma Storm)
1 Garbodor 66/135 (Plasma Storm)
3 Mewtwo EX (Legendary Treasures)
1 Toxicroak EX (Flashfire)
3 Skrelp (Flashfire)
2 Dragalge (Flashfire)

Trainers: 19

4 Hypnotoxic Laser (Plasma Storm)
3 Professor Juniper (Plasma Blast)
3 Ultra Ball (Plasma Blast)
4 Shauna (X&Y)
2 Sacred Ash (Flashfire)
2 Startling Megaphone (Flashfire)
1 Battle Reporter (Furious Fists)

Energy: 20

4 Mystery Energy (Phantom Forces)
4 Double Colorless Energy (Legendary Treasures)
12 Psychic Energy


2 Virbank City Gym (Plasma Storm)

Deck Review:

All stars to this deck

Gengar EX: Absolutely love this guy. His first attack is “Night Attack” which requires only 1 colorless energy. It allows you to put 3 damage counters on your opponent’s pokemon. Not too shabby for 1 energy but not the best attack. The real killer is the move “Dark Corridor” which requires 2 colorless energy and 1 psychic. This attack does 60 damage, posions the opponent’s pokemon AND gengar retreats! How cool is that?

Dragalge: This card is a monster in this deck. This card prevents the opponent’s pokemon from retreating if the pokemon is poisoned. The deck revolves around posion!

Mewtwo EX: He is our main and solid attacker if the original plan doesn’t fall through.

Other honorable mentions

Toxicroak EX: Helps with the posion…a decent card overall

Hypnotoxic Laser: A staple in this deck


Stay tuned for more decklists and if you guys decided to build this, let me know how well it does!

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