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Go Retro with Eevee!

Sprites are making a comeback in this new collection!

A new collection has arrived at the Pokémon Center. The new Eevee Pixel Collection is bringing back sprite art with a variety of new merchandise featuring all the eeveelutions! The collection contains everything from patches to plushies to t-shirts so let’s get into it and see what’s in store for us.

For all the plushie lovers out there, this collection contains a whopping nine new plushies for your to purchase. Modeled after the party sprites from the XY and SuMo eras, these plushies come in a variety of sizes. There’s one for each eeveelution so no matter which one is your favorite, there’s one for you to purchase. In addition, if plushies are too far out of your price range, pins and patches of the pixel art eeveelutions are available in 9-packs as well.

In terms of clothes and other merch you can wear, the collection contains two shirts. There is the crewneck sweat shirt which features all nine sprites on the front of the shirt as well as covering the sleeves. But if that’s too warm for your climate, don’t worry, there’s also an allover print t-shirt available as well. A lanyard is also available for people who like to collect pins and there’s a backpack for those about to head back to school for the fall. Finally, for all the TCG lovers, a new mat with the pixel art is also available so you’re ready to duel in style.

For more information: Pixel Eevee Collection

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