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GO Out and Trade in Pokemon GO

The wait is over! Get ready to trade in Pokemon GO!

Plenty of new features were announced for Pokemon GO today. One of them included trading which is a feature that Pokemon GO players have been asking for. You will soon be able to make friends, gift and trade in Pokemon GO.

Making Friends

Friends List
Get ready to make friends with other Pokemon GO players within the game. By being friends, you will be able to do a few things such as keep track of your friends’ progress and earn bonuses.

If you want to become friends with a fellow Pokemon GO trainer then you will need to exchange Trainer Codes. To do this you will need to enter your friend’s Trainer Code and send a request. Once they have accepted your request then they will be added to your Friends List. Via your Friends List you can keep track of your friends latest actions such as capturing Pokemon.

Sending Gifts

You are now able to receive gifts if you spin a PokeStop. Though you will not be able to open these gifts. That is because you are suppose to give these gifts to your friends.

The Gift will have plenty of helpful items that your friend will appreciate getting. Your friend will also receive a post card that showed where you got the gift. Some Gifts will also contain a special 7km egg that will hatch into an Alolan Form Pokemon.

Friendship Levels

Friend Level
Friendship Levels are also being added to Pokemon GO. With Friendship Levels you can unlock special benefits if you are around friends that you have high Friendship Levels with.

You can raise your Friendship Levels with your friends by participating in Raids or exchanging Gifts with your friends. One of the benefits to having a high Friendship Level is receive an attack bonus when you and your Friend battle and Raid together. This feature will surely encourage you to battle and Raid with other people more often.

You can increase your Friendship Level once per day per friend.


Finally, Trading will finally be implemented in Pokemon GO. You will need to be friends with each other in Pokemon GO in order to trade. To conduct the trade, you will need to be close to your friend.

Once you have completed the trade then you will receive bonus candy. The amount of bonus candy you receive will increase if the Pokémon you traded were caught in locations far apart from each other.

All trades will require Stardust. The higher your Friendship Level is with the other person means it will cost less Stardust to conduct the trade. Though, if you are planning to trade for Legendary, Shiny Pokemon or Pokemon that you do not have will require a Special Trade. If you conduct a Special Trade then it will cost a bit more Stardust to trade. You can only conduct one Special Trade per day with a Great Friend or Best Friend.

Trading will be unlocked for you if you have reach Level 10 within the game.

Get ready to make friends and trade this Summer within Pokemon GO! Most of these features will be introduced within the game by the end of the week.

Source: Pokemon GO

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