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Google’s April Fool’s Joke has you catching Pokemon!


For all you in the US, it may not be April First yet, but there’s a whole host of April Fools jokes awaiting you… Such as being a Pokemon Master!

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, fire up Google Maps and tap search.  Then press start.  Then… Enjoy your Pokemon Adventure. You’ll be able to find sprites of Pokemon around the map, with sprites distributed across the globe.  Or perhaps you want look at the Pokedex that people have built for this?  Find your Pokemon using this Google Spreadsheet.  Check out the Youtube video after the break.

Source: Google via The Verge

Note:   Kids, if you want to work at Google, catching all the Pokemon on your phone will not make it happen.  Also, please be safe using a phone… catching Pokemon.  You do not want your parents bailing you out of jail because you were trying to catch Pokemon in the restricted section of your local library or airport.

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