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Happy First Anniversary! Pokemon Rollout!

Pokemon Rollout!
Get ready to roll a one with this anniversary!

What happens when you get four people to play a Pokemon theme role play? A year of great fun!

Pokemon Rollout has recently reached their one year anniversary! This podcast is a Pokemon Role Play style podcast where three players record themselves playing characters in a Pokemon inspired game. Paul, Lydia, and Micheal with Nick as their DM guide their characters through the world of Pokemon!

Paul, Lydia, and Micheal’s characters have been through all kinds of crazy and intense adventures! They have been though tough battles, wacky hijinks and horrible dice rolls!

In honor of Pokemon Rollout’s anniversary, we have reached out to the players for their top five favorite episodes. These episodes are based on what the players thought were the most fun. May it be because of crazy dice rolls or just great action! These episode were hand picked because of how fun they were! Hopefully they would be fun as well for you as the listener! There is even some commentary from Micheal who plays Professor Sneaze for the show.

Episode 6 – The Clearlake City Triathlon! – This is where we really hit our stride and had some defining character moments (and our first pvp battle!).
Episode 10 – Mukul, the Voice of the Land: Battle for the Clear Lake Badge! – One of our first big battles, when Pokémon combat really started to shine.
Episode 15 – The Ruins, Finale! – This is where some of the coolest plot happened, and the mission of the trainers came to light.
Pokémon Rollout! Tapestry Radio Shakespeare Festival 2017 Special (between episodes 16 & 17) – This is where we had some of the greatest funny moments and got to try some things we hadn’t before.
Episode 18 – Mirror, Mirror! – This episode is where we had some fun spooky plot mixed with some hilarious hijinks (also a really great Lillianna episode).

If you want a cool twist on an old fashion radio show then give Pokemon Rollout a shot if you haven’t already! Congratulations to Lydia, Micheal, Nick and Paul for rolling the die for a whole year on Pokemon Rollout!

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