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Hilbert & Oshawott now available in Pokémon Masters!

Check out the latest event in Pokémon Masters!

This event is the Water-type Training Event event and features multiple Training Courses all weak to Water-type Pokémon, and a new Sync Pair Scout banner that increases the chance of getting the newly added Sync Pair, Hilbert & Oshawott. This event runs for two weeks until October 7th 2019 In addition, the Lyra and Blue events are still going on, thought the Olivia spotlight event has ended.

Hilbert is a 5 star support trainer with access to the passive skill, Impervious, which prevents stats from being lowered. His partner is Oshawott, who gets access to Aqua Tail and Waterfall. They can also use X Speed All and In This Together, which raises the attack stat of all allies. At this point it’s not entirely clear what Hilbert’s special sync move is, but it’s implied Oshawott is capable of evolving given its sync move is Water Sync Impact.

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