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Hilda and Tepig now available in Pokémon Masters!

The next Story Event for Pokémon Masters is now live.

This event is the “The Girl in Black and White” and features a short story featuring Hilda, as well as a new Sync Pair Scout banner that increases the chance of getting the newly added Sync Pair, Hilda & Tepig. This event runs for just over two weeks until October 17th 2019.

Hilda is a 5 star strike class trainer. Her passive ability is Antitoxin which prevents her partner, Tepig and its evolutions, from being poisoned or badly poisoned. Tepig and its evolutions get access to two moves: Flame Charge, which raises the user’s speed one stage, and Flare Blitz, which unfreezes the user and has a very small chance of leaving the target burned. The user also takes 25% of the damage it dealt to the target. They also can make use of a potion and have access to the move “Try and Stop Us!”, which raises the user’s Attack by double the amount its Speed has been raised, making Flame Charge even more useful. Upon evolving into Emboar, their sync move becomes Battle Fanatic Heat Crash as well.

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