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Hoenn and More Coming to Pokemon GO

HOenn Pokemon GO
Get ready to see some changes coming to Pokemon GO!

It was announced today that Pokemon from the Hoenn region will be added to Pokemon GO. There was also a mention about weather conditions will be included within the game.

Trainers within Pokemon GO will be able to capture Pokemon like Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, and more. Pokemon like Salamance, Absol and Mawile can be seen in various images and videos. It also looks like Groudon will be made into a Legendary Raid Boss.

Weather effects will also be included in Pokemon GO. The in-game map will be able to indicate local weather in your area. This will have an effect in the Pokemon that you may see. Rainy weather may cause a surge in Water type Pokemon in your area. If it is sunny while you are battling in a raid then Fire type Pokemon may see a boost in their attacks. This inclusion in weather may reflect how Weather Conditions played a stronger role starting in Generation 3.

All these changes and more will be coming to Pokemon GO in the next few weeks. The Hoenn Starters are expected to be release later this week according to Pokemon’s YouTube.

Big things are coming to Pokemon GO. So make sure to go out and catch’em all!

Source: Pokemon

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