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Images of “Primal Clash” Theme decks, boosters M Diancie-EX Collection

Pokebeach has exclusive images of the new “Primal Clash” theme decks and booster packs. The theme decks will feature holographic versions of Groudon and Kyogre, while the sets will not feature the holo versions. The Groudon deck will focus on Fighting and Lightning-types, and will finish with ‘Pulse’ in its suffix (as partially shown in the photos) while the Kyogre one will focus on Water and Fire types and have ‘Core’ in its suffix. Additionally, two of “Primal Clash”‘s booster packs feature the same artwork from the Japanese packs, marking the first time this has been done. It’s unknown which other two Pokemon will be on the other two packs.

The Mega Diancie EX Premium Collection will come with a holo M Diancie EX promo, a jumbo version of the same card, a holo Diancie EX promo, a “brilliant and shining” Mega Diancie collector’s pin, six booster packs, and a Mega Diancie coin. It will hit store shelves in January.

Cover Image Courtesy of  Devir Americas

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