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June 2018 Recommended Boosters Have Arrived!

Get some new Mega firepower in the latest booster pack!

[UX] Mega Lucario and [UX] Mega Houndoom have arrived in Pokémon Duel! You can try to get them in the June 2018 recommended Booster A, but only for a limited time. All new figures come with a CLv1 with double odds to open. These figures include [UX] Mega Lucario, [UX] Mega Houndoom, [EX] Houndoom, [EX] Registeel, [EX] Arcanine, [R] Growlithe, [R] Excadrill, [UC] Houndour, and [UC] Drilbur.

In addition, a new plate has been added to these booster packs, [UC] Charcoal. Choose one of your Fire-type Pokémon on the field. While that Pokémon is on the field, it deals +20 damage.

New plates have also been added to the plate shop, [EX] Lucarionite and [EX] Houndoomite. These plates can be used when none of your Pokémon are mega evolved. Choose one of your Lucario or Houndoom on the field and Mega Evolve it for seven turns.

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