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Learn About Pokemon Zoology!

Ever want to see how Pokemon will look in real life?

Then wait no more! Joshua Dunlop has you cover with his Pokemon Zoology series. He has decided to use a series of programs to depict how Pokemon would look in real life. He has even gone beyond by adding his own personal Pokedex entries about the Pokemon. His entries are done from his personal perspective. It feels as if he is writing them into his own book.

Above you can see Joshua’s rendition of Snorlax. You can see this Pokemon in his natural habitat which is a bridge. It is a nice nod to how Snorlax always picks the place you do not want it to be as his napping place.

If you follow Joshua’s Twitter then you will be able to vote on which Pokemon he will work on next. It looks as if he knows how to interact with his audience. So not only do you get to see awesome pieces of Pokemon artwork but you get to choose the next Pokemon Joshua gets to work on.

You can check out more of Joshua’s work on his Twitter! He has plenty of renditions of other Pokemon! Make sure to follow and like his works!

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