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Life Size Furret Plush to Come!

Life size furret
Did you know that Furret is over five feet long according to the Pokedex?

Now imagine that in real life as you hug it in your bed! Well, Pokemon is going to make this a reality as you can now get a life size Furret plush!

You can now get a life size Furret plush from the Japanese Pokemon Center website. This will be an original plush that will be offer though the Japanese Pokemon Center website. The Furret Plush will be 180cm long, and weighs 2.6kg. You can preorder the plush starting on February 23rd, 2019 and end on March 24th, 2019. The plush will cost 30,240 Yen which is about $270 dollars. Preorders are expected to be shipped around July.

Below are some pictures from the Poke Times Twitter account.

This Furret plush is huge! It is taller then the lady holding it! If you need any context on how big this plush is then you are in luck! They have the original one foot Furret plush to compare this life size plush to. There is no word if the US Pokemon Center website will stock this item.

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