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Lost Thunder Prerelease Promos!

Lost THunder PR
Time to bring down the thunder with a prerelease!

The prerelease promos for Lost Thunder has been revealed. These cards will feature Suicune, Raikou, Giratina and Tapu Lele from Lost Thunder. All four cards will feature exclusive alternative artwork from their version within the set.


Giratina is a Psychic type Pokemon with an interesting ability. The ability is called Distortion Door. Distortion Door allows you to put Giratina on to your bench if it is in your Discard. When you do that then you can put one damage counter on to two of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon.

This ability will make Giratina highly wanted. Especially for the ability to put damage counters on your opponent’s Pokemon. It can also be used in Zoroark GX decks who want Pokemon to put on their Bench.


Raikou is an Lightning type Pokemon with strong attacking options. It cost two Lightning energy which can do 30 damage. If there is a Lightning energy in the Lost Zone then it will boost this damage to 120 damage.

There will be a few ways to put Lightning energy into the Lost Zone with the release of Lost Thunder. There are also a few other cards that will help make Raikou a formidable attacker.

Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele is a Fairy type Pokemon with an ability an attack. The ability is called Charmed Charm. When you attach a Fairy Charm on to Tapu Lele then it will confuse your Opponent’s Pokemon.

This will be the best use for Tapu Lele. The attack isn’t that great but can see some use if you need a quick Double Colorless with Fairy energy attacker.


Suicune will be a Water type Pokemon. It has the ability Frozen Current. This ability allows you to force your opponent to change their active Pokemon if Suicune is in the active.

Those you want to use Suicune will most likely use it for the ability. It can be used as an attacker if you want to attach a Water and DCE on to it.

Lost Thunder Prereleaes will be the weekends of October 20st through 28th. This set will be release on November 2nd and legal for tournament play by November 16th. You can find your local prereleases by clicking here.

Best of luck in your upcoming tournaments!

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