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Mega Evolutions in Sun and Moon

Mega Evo
“Rotom Pokedex?! – Pokemon Sun and Moon News” by TheJWittz goes over the Pokemon Sun and Moon news from the trailer that was released on June 2nd.

One of the things mentioned in this video was the bracelets that the playable characters wear. These bracelets had a diamond on them, and it is the very same diamond that is in the Japanese logo for Pokemon Sun and Moon. This raises the question of whether or not Mega Evolutions will play a role in the seventh generation of games.

It would seem silly that they would drop the Mega Evolutions so quickly, considering they were only released in the previous generation. At the same time, we’ve seen Mega Evolution, introduced in X and Y, and Primal Reversion, introduced in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Is it possible that Sun and Moon could release a new form of Mega Evolution? It wouldn’t be surprising, but what of the Pokemon that would be better off with just a regular evolution? Is Mega Evolution just a way of replacing regular evolutions for the older Pokemon?

There’s certainly room for speculation as to the purpose of the diamond-like stones on the player characters’ wrists. What do you think they could mean?

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