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Mimikyu Sea welcomes you for Halloween!

Join the ghosts and fairies for a good ole Samhain style exploration!

The new event has started in Pokémon Rumble Rush. This event is focused on an island based around Mimikyu and contains various new Pokémon, new Gears and more. It runs for two weeks, until November 14th. This event marks the introduction of several new generation 7 pokemon, such as Mimikyu and Alolan Muk. Due to this article being written right after the release of the island, it is currently unclear where exactly each predominant type is. The island seems to be mostly inhabited by fairy, ghost, dark, and poison types, with a few electric types like Pikachu and Joltik appearing as well. At this time, it appears that ghost types inhabit the ocean, fairy types appear on the pumpkin portion of gourgeist, and dark types appear on its east tendril.

As with all previous islands, four new gears have entered the rotation. These are Crunch (Grimer), Shadow Sneak (Gourgeist), Crunch (Muk), and Shadow Sneak (Mimikyu). Shadow Sneak (Mimikyu) is sure to be a high demand product, as it functions much like Aqua Jet (Empoleon) and starts battles charged, making it very valuable in time sensitive boss fights. You are still able to use all gears and pokemon from previous islands as well so get to exploring, trainers!

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