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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep11 24JUL2017 – 230JUL2017



NEEM! Giving you something silly to read with your ice cream!

Such helpless, innocent art. Let’s poke and prod at a few more of these goodies like drawing smiley faces on pictures of egg yolks!

Pokemon – Primarina Necklace by LittleBreeze

This elegant and mystical necklace is perfect for your next zombie apocalypse or when you’re off hunting vampires and werewolves with your golf clubs! Or if you’re rampaging in your monster truck in the middle of the post-apocalypse, strap this on and complete that grungy, bustin’ necks look! Oh, that’s not what you’d use it for? Well whatever you have in mind, this little Primarina is always willing to come along, even if it means getting zombie blood or oil splattered on her. Oh, and you can buy it on LittleBreeze’s Etsy! Don’t ride shiny and chrome into Valhalla alone!

Pokemon – Umbreon gijinka by KiaraBerry

“What funny-looking bunny ears those are!” said the person who doesn’t know diddly-jack who about Pokémon. So if you’re looking to become 10% more like Umbreon, here’s a possible look you could go for! Gold trim, gold jewelry and chains, black hair, and with this, now you’ve got two sets of ears! Double the hearing power! Now that’s treating yourself right!

COMMISSION: Pokemon Team 2 by SeviYummy

So the bearded guy is sleeping on Snorlax, who is sleeping on Blastoise, who is sleeping on his arms. Sleepception! Meanwhile, that Bayleef looks just COMPLETELY ENTHRALLED by Snorlax’s foot. Oh, I KNOW WHAT HE’S THINKING! “If I tickle Snorlax, what kind of chaos is THAT going to cause!?” Meanwhile, that gal with the funny green sock hat is probably thinking the same thing. Who is going to get to it first!? What mayhem will unfold!? Who will be stuck under Snorlax’s gut when the shock happens!? Who is going to have to pay for tonight’s Chinese takeout as an apology!? Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion of… COMMISSION!

Arcanine by cutgut

Yup, it’s Arcanine alright!

Commission: Quest for a Myth by ShadeofShinon

The longer you look, the more Pokémon you see!

Okay, I’ve seen great Pokémon art, but holy popping potatoes, this is epic! Imagine paying for this commission and this is what lands on your internets. I’d be looking at this for so long I’d forget to eat. And you have got to LOVE this take on a realistic-looking Flygon! Am I the only one that instantly pictured Daenerys Targaryen riding on him!? Of course not. Come now, if Pokémon games always looked liked this, society would stop because no one would do anything else. Traffic sure would clear up nicely though!

Now go forth, conquer, and bake cookies! Or, bake cookies, go forth, and then conquer! Or conquer, cookies, and… oh whatever.

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