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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep26 06NOV2017 – 12NOV2017


When you want Pokémon art, festive nonsense, and witty mayhem, think Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief!

So who is already sick of seeing Christmas decorations? Remember, if Christmas nonsense was hassling you during your beloved Halloween fiesta, get back by dressing up in your costume and running about through the mall! More longevity on your spooky investment!

There’s art, I’m here, let’s make the magic happen!

LEAK: New pokemon Zeraora by All0412

Did you hear about the new Pokémon Zeraora!? Well, apparently a bunch of people on DeviantArt did, because this guy shows up TWO more times after this! Looks like Zeraora officially gave Mimikyu and Lycanroc some time off.

This guy looks ANGRY at me and like he’s trying to reach through the screen to grab my nose. Or grab the stick of the lollipop I’m sucking on, yank on it, and see how far I go with it. Well dude, expect to be turned into a plushie and get ready to have a slew of people cosplay as you, because you’re a Pokémon now and that’s what you get subjected to!

Commission+Pokemon: Full Inventory by ky-nim

Whew, for a minute, I thought this was another one of those out-of-sequence comics and I’d have to figure out what’s going on while joining in midstream!

And don’t you HATE it when this happens? Even the doll itself gets sad! It’s even worse when the character has a key item, goes through this GIGANTIC never-ending monologue and soap box speech, and then boom, at the end of it, you have this “take this VERY IMPORTANT ITEM so that we may finally stop evil, evil darkness and save the world! Oh, your inventory is full.” /endspeech. So you dump your most useless item and then talk to that lovely NPC again and then they go through the ENTIRE SPEECH once again! And some people say we waste too much time playing video games.

Jigglypuff- pokemon by SNO7ART

It’s the art you can HEAR! You can hear the Jigglypuff song just looking at this, right?

See, Jigglypuff’s song didn’t ever put me to sleep. It was really more silly than anything so I’d never need to actually worry about getting my face Sharpied to oblivion. But if she started singing the same old darn country songs I’ve heard dozens of times before and I’ve had a few glasses of wine or beer, yeah, zonk out time. Yeah, sorry, but Wagon Wheel and Sweet Home Alabama will do that to me. Doesn’t really help that I now have those playing in my head and it’s all zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Zeraora Pokemon UltraSun Pokemon UltraMoon by tatanRG

We promised you more Zeraora so you’re going to get more Zeraora and more Zeraora and even more Zeraora until you’ve had so much of Zeraora that you’ll be talking like Zeraora because “Zeraora” will be the only vocabulary word you now know from all the Zeraora Zeraoraness.

SLOWPOKE SPOILER ALERT: There’s a new Pokémon called Zeraora.

Yeah, in case you couldn’t tell, you’re going to see this guy everywhere. I’m sure at this very moment, a hundred people are already preparing their Zeraora fursuit. See, this is what the internet does to people! That reminds me, I think I need to get another Emolga onesie.

SPOILER ALERT- Zeraora by KoriArredondo

Love the title. “SPOILER ALERT- Zera- oh. You already know.”

Now that there is Zeraora, there will always be Zeraora. Zeraora will be everywhere. You can go to deep into the Rockies but Zeraora will be there. You can dig a fifty foot hole in the middle of Antarctica, but you’re just going to find more Zeraora. You can jump into a spaceship and fly to planet Xububu but Zeraora’s already there too. You will find Zeraora in the morning, some more Zeraora in the midday, plenty of Zeraora in the evening, and lots more Zeraora in the middle of the night. And there’s going to be even more Zeraora on Monday, loads more on what used to be a obscure Thursday, extra Zeraora on Friday night, and you may encounter a strange but expected occurrence where all your clothing, breakfast cereal, and lunchbox all now have something to do with Zeraora.

That’s all for this week Jacks and Jills! Remember that if you ever get a hamburger on a toasted waffle, it’s only because they ran out of regular rolls.

Cheers and good times!

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