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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep34 01JAN2018 – 07JAN2018


If anarchy isn’t in the forecast already, then we need to do something about that!

As long as there’s silly Pokémon art out there, my feisty fire will carry on! We saw plenty of nonsense in 2017 and now that it’s a brand new year, there’s more to roll with!

So grab some grub and join me in seeing what was hot on DeviantArt while I sprinkle on some silliness!

Requested Pokemon by arkeis-pokemon

Turns out these were still made in 2017, so they kind of violate the rules, but I’ll make an exception because rules are fun to break in good taste. Like stealing $2000 in Monopoly money, getting caught, but then doing the right thing by taking more and asking if anyone else wants some.

Here we have Diance thanking a driver for letting her cross the road, a Shaymin probably enjoying Netflix and chill, and an Absol looking hot and sassy for a photoshoot. Either that or she was just about to walk out of the donut shop without buying anything until she took a glance at that delicious, tasty cream one and holy popping snot, she’d be insane to pass that up.

Pokémon have so much personality!

Pokemon: Meowth Variations by QueenAshi

I want that sassy, sassy black Meowth! See, I know black cats are more of a witch thing and I’m a guy, but I could still get my warlock or necromancer groove on and totally have a cool and chill black cat companion. And if there’s one thing the internet has proven, cats can be silly, sassy, crazy, sleepy, and lazy, but that’s why we love ’em. So why should a drunk teddy bear like Spinda get all the variants? Let’s get a petition going for these guys!

.:Pokemon:. MISTY! by LibraianDA

You certainly see WAAAAAY more Misty art and cosplay on DeviantArt than anything with Ash. That really tells you something.

And here we have Misty sporting a new hairdo alongside Staryu who seems to just be chilling and lying there. And they’re both enjoying the open ocean on… a tofu block. Does tofu even float? Gosh darn it, now that’s going to keep me up at night unless I try it out myself and I never eat that stuff. I had it once by accident because I thought it was chicken! Darn those deceiving breadcrumbs!

LEGO Game Boy Color / Pokemon Silver Transformers by VonBrunk

Autobots, roll out! Or would these actually be Decepticons? It depends on if you’re looking at them from your personal enjoyment or what video games and Pokémon tend to do to your wallet!

These are pretty cool and if you love video games, LEGO, and Transformers, this is a real treat. Although if my 3DS suddenly decided to spring into life and do stuff, could it at least save my game before it decided to go for a walk? That’s be really great. Although there was a perfect opportunity for the main green dude to have Tetris on the screen instead of… whatever that’s supposed to be.

Yveltal Sofa by gigiEDT

When Yveltal kinda gets tried from, you know, absorbing the life force of all living things, which we can imagine is a lot of tiring and unappreciated work, it’ll chill out and go into sofa form! Which is great for all the ladies, especially this one with purple hair that hasn’t been cut since Tamagotchis were a thing. And hey, when was the last time Xerneas let you sleep on it?

And aww, look at how they cuddle! See, inside, despite all the claws, destruction, and the life force sucking stuff, Yveltal is really just a softie inside that keeps a box of cupcakes and kittens just ready for anyone who needs the cheering up or just needs to be happier! Now who could ever not like a Pokémon that does that?

That’s it for this week, boys and girls! Always remember to brush your hair and brush your teeth, but preferably with two separate brushes!

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