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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep38 29JAN2018 – 04FEB2018


Reviewing Pokémon at Deviant, the only place where you can go “ooh” and “ahh” in one minute and “eww” and “what the heck is THAT!?” in the next!

I swear it’s good to be in February at last, because for some reason, January feels like we should have been up to the 87th day by now.

So let’s kick it off!

Mew by cutgut

It’s funny how traveling by bubble is Mew’s favorite way of getting around. Nope, you don’t see Mew taking the bus, whipping out a smart phone and calling an Uber, or driving trucks while having all kinds of tattoos.

Although let’s face it, if we could ride around in bubbles, that would be kind of cool. You could just float over a massive traffic jam and wave everyone from your bubble as you pass them all by.

Shedinja using Phantom Force by Sa-Dui

You could also title this “Shedinja and the Terrible Backache That Exploded and Suddenly Resulted in Glowing Purple Ketchup Blasting Everywhere.” Shedinja is kind of a creepy little bugger and it can be kind of a hassle to fight. Except in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon where it was kind of funny to throw all those 20HP damage Gravelerocks at them even while they tried to float through the walls. WHERE’S YOUR WONDER GUARD NOW, CHUMP!?

Oh my gosh, the memories…

Be my valentine! – Pokemon by snow9cloud

I have to admire people who can do pixel art like this, because the squares just burn my eyes. And snow8cloud even decided to work with only black, white, and red! That’s nifty because that doesn’t give you a whole lot of crazy material to work with in terms of colors, but somehow they made it work pretty nicely with this Gardevoir and Gallade.

That is one REALLY big cup of tea, though. Or maybe it’s coffee. You know, I think I could use that much coffee right about now.

Pokemon-style Reptar by Shenaniganza

HOLY CRAP, I’m actually old enough to know where this guy comes from. RUGRATS! Actually, this crazy dude would make a great Pokémon, as you can see. He could terrorize the Patrats, roar at a bitty Bidoof until his face was blown off, and other such lovely family-friendly activities.

Octillery by Linfter

Lordy, great art, but this is really creepy. It’s such a weird, alien-like infusion and you can’t even tell where the tentacles begin and where they end! It’s like having fifty pretzels tied together!

I’ll admit, if I were to be “fused” with any kind of Pokémon, yeah, Octillery is definitely NOT on that list. But at least we know what that kind of thing would look like now!

We’ve reached the end for this week, but stay tuned for more crazy nonsense from your favorite flying squirrel! Or at least I hope I’m your favorite!

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