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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep39 05FEB2018 – 11FEB2018


It’s dangerous to go into DeviantArt alone! Take NEMM with you!

Misery loves company, so let’s go into DeviantArt together and I’m only kidding, it’ll be fun, I promise! It can get weird, though. In fact it usually does but it’s always good to build immunities to that. It may just be exactly what we need to avoid being infected during the next zombie apocalypse!

POKEMON PAINTING POLL – please vote! by kenket

Look! Everyone is smiling with a mischievous grin and… what the heck, Vaporeon, way to be the “which one of these is not like the others” party pooper here. I mean come on, even Ivysaur and Arcanine are smilin’ and how often do you see that!? Even Charizard! Although Charizard looks like he just watched someone step in a Lillipup’s turd and is trying to hold back a total gigglesnort.

Marshadow plush | Pokemon by PinkuArt

“Oh my, this pattern. It took me more than 35 hours to complete it!” O.o

That’s close to a whole full working week for me. On a plush. Guh. That’s commitment. Given, it looks great, but time and fabric wouldn’t be the only thing draining away on me. There would be some serious loss of sanity also. To the point where I would start gluing googly eyes on Renaissance paintings and trying to see if I can balance a rotating fidget spinner on my nose.

Elgyem 12′ Pokemon Plush! by GuardianEarthPlush

Wow. Now Elgyem is definitely not a Pokémon you see getting plushies for very often, but hey, it looks pretty good and turns out just fine! I mean heck, maybe we can get one for Stunky, Linnone, and Mothim! You don’t really see those guys with plushies! I mean heck, certainly not as much as Eevee. Eevee. I swear you could bury the Eiffel Tower with how many Eevee plushies there are. Come on, Eevee. Learn to share.

Eevee from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon by PerlerAnnie

Ohhhh, so dominating the plushie market wasn’t good enough for you, eh? Actually, PMD portraits done with perler beads is a pretty gnarly idea and I never really considered that. I keep forgetting anything that’s a sprite is fair game for that. Or… well, if you have a million of these little suckers and more free time, you really could do ANYTHING with perler beads. Just hope there isn’t a sudden earthquake.

C: Victor Andor by Ravietta

I’ll admit, I even tried Googling this dude and I didn’t get much! I think he’s a fan made character. Or I missed something by being kind of too lazy to finish the more recently released Pokémon games.

For a dude that’s willing to use a sword, he sure wears a lot of white! It’s a cool picture, but that’s about all I can say when I don’t know the story behind this dude. Keep rockin’ that beard!

And we’ve reached the end for this week! Be smart, be safe, and don’t keep your ice cream sprinkles and glitter in the same place!

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