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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep47 09APR2018 – 15APR2018


Craziness cannot be contained, so let it out in the form of NEMM!

Is the weather getting warmer? But then suddenly feel like reverting back to cold? Is Mother Nature having a mid-life crisis!? Nah, it’s just the happy sappy month we call Spring!

There’s new Pokémon art out there, so join me plowing through it!

Pokemon #599-600-601 by Cosmopoliturtle

WHOA. Now this is a redesign! Oh sure, we’ll start off relatively the same way with Klink, get a little funky when we get to Klang and go for the steampunk heart thing, and then Klinklang comes along, nah, we’re not going for that jumble of gears. Why not go with Colossus Battlebot of the Nefarious Onslaught!? I love the halo on top. That just totally sells it!

Pokemon #602-603-604 by Cosmopoliturtle

See, I wasn’t a fan of Eelektross. Well, eels just aren’t my thing. Especially ones with creepy mouths. But hey, turn that dude into an eel and dragon hybrid, now I’m TOTALLY on board for that! Although I’d have to say, the Eelektrik actually looks more SAVAGE than his grown up daddy, who just seems a bit more chill like one of those hulking but benevolent dragons that would rather stump you with a riddle than barbecue you.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon – Mizuki by chocomiru02

See, the look on Mizuki’s face either tells me one of two things. She’s either really surprised and elated to see someone, or she’s gotta hit the restroom like NOW. And when you’re sitting on the beach or in the water, bloody hell, that’s like the worst time to need to take a crap. And even if you find a public restroom, oh, enjoy the fun of everything being wet and sand being EVERYWHERE.

I think we’d all be just as horrified.

Pokemon #605-606 by Cosmopoliturtle

You don’t see too much of these two, but wow, if you didn’t like Beheeyem before, maybe you’ll like it as the Supreme Alien Commander instead? Gotta love those funky rainbow fingers! What would YOU do with rainbow fingers like that? Who could have ever guessed flipping someone off could be done in such a colorful way!

N – Pokemon by ChubyMi

This dude was always an unusual antagonist, but there’s a kind of charm to him as well. And part of that charm comes from the fact he’s got the easiest to remember and spell name in all of history. As Pokémon White and White and Death Note prove, having characters with single-letter names is totally an option! Ha, and you thought “Ed” and “Al” were easy. That ease only gets easier!

That’s it for this week, party people! Have fun and get ready to hear plenty of lawnmowers!

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