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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep49 07MAY2018 – 13MAY2018


NEMM! Because you don’t need to go drink to enjoy a little craziness!

The RNG spirits await. They demand a Pokémon. And they have decided on… Slugma! Oh wow, what a fantastic choice that is! I mean come on, that’s the Pokémon everyone wants to cosplay as, right? Aww, doesn’t everyone just luv this hot widdle sluggy-wuggy!?

Well hey, it was random, who can complain!? The High Jedi Council at DevaintArt responds with…!

Slugma by RetkiKosmos

Everyone’s favorite lovable ooze of fire and joy goes into floatation mode in this picture! And it kind of looks like he’s casting a spell while delightfully being well-caffeinated. Wow, you know what? Can’t argue with that. If you look at what mages, wizards, warlocks, and all those other fine folks have to go through to study spells and junk, coffee’s definitely on the tap.

Make your mage mama proud, Slugma!

slugma by Choco–Mint

Wait a minute, this looks like it really doesn’t have much to- you know what, who cares!? I see this chick and it immediately reminds me way more of Jessica Rabbit than Pokémon’s famous fiery slug. And hey, if a fiery slug can inspire something like this, that’s not bad at all! See, who ever thought this little lava blob couldn’t be responsible for something good? It wasn’t you, was it!?

real Slugma by JrClerk

When asked what would a real Slugma look like, you get this in response! Aww, don’t you think it’s so cute!? Well, it’s okay. I mean, I’d rather cuddle with a bunny or a kitty on my lap. Since you know, this guy would probably burn my legs off. That and… sorry, but the fuzzy fluffy style just wins me over instead.

That’s all for now, but tune in next time for free pancakes with maple syrup while you get a complementary free haircut! What could go wrong!?

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