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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep5 11JUN2017-17JUN2017



Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief, your go-to source for art nonsense and insanity!

Rough week? No sleep? Never fear, for I’m here to bring you cheer! It’s Saturday, you’ve officially had it with work and school, so come with me and let’s dive into whatever been lurking at the top for Pokémon art this week!

Anthro – Gloom (Pokemon) by MadeleineInk

You know, if someone stuck a plasma rifle to my head and demanded I be blended with a Pokémon, well, I wouldn’t have chosen Gloom by a long shot. For a Pokémon that’s known to be stinky and looks tired and drooling like it just came out of a two-hour calculus exam it forgot to study for, that’s not the kind of thing I’d be itching to be like.

Anyway, you still can’t help but be impressed with this picture. Madeleine actually makes an anthro Gloom look way less tired and disturbed than it’s normal stinky counterpart! Still drooling though. Probably wakes up in a pillow puddle every morning. Yeah, that’s a deal-breaker, but it’s still a great picture!

Olivia Pokemon by logancure

Funny how usually a search for Pokémon pictures usually results with more, well, Pokémon rather than just the human characters, but hey, that’s quite alright even though there’s not a trace of a single Pokémon or even a Pokéball in this one! I’ll admit I’ve been REALLY LAZY with playing Pokémon Sun, but this looks great! The background is also really cool and colorful, though I’m wondering what’s with the crystals.

Pokemon Rainbow by FennecSilvestre

Zoom in! Zoom in! It keeps getting bigger!

Holy frickin-frack, this is crazy awesome and features all 151 Pokémon in Generation 1! Although I’ll admit, if one was skipped, I would never know which one. So not only do you have to draw 151 Pokémon, but then you need to need to arrange them to get this neat rainbow effect! Urf, that’s tough, especially considering there’s quite a few gray-colored Pokémon that aren’t so colorful, but this was pulled off perfectly. So pick a Generation 1 Pokémon at random and it becomes a fun but particularly easy Where’s Waldo-like game.

That Fearow looks like it needs some coffee, though.

Pokemon t-shirts by Sylvaur

Fabulous! Woke up like this! Flawless! Royalty! Your typical Pokémon fan would be like “heh, heh, that’s funny” while your typical knows-nothing-about-Pokémon Poké-Muggle wouldn’t have a clue with a confused face and said Pokémon fan would look at them and be like “heh, heh, that’s funny too.” Although I’ll admit, if I woke up as a Roserade, I would seriously wonder just what pray tell happened overnight.

So if you like these and feeling fabulous, now you can wear them as a t-shirt! Flawless! Woke up like this! Okay, I’ll stop.

Pokemon Kanto/Alola Print by EmpurrorMooks

“I can’t decide! I like both regular Raichu and Alolan Raichu! Same thing with Ninetales! How does one choose? I can’t comprehend these rules of urff agh naldfhsadf!!11!1!”

My friend, there’s a beautiful word, and it’s called “BOTH.” You pick both! Not one or the other! BOTH! And this cool and colorful picture expresses the beauty of BOTH! When you get your weekend, do you choose only Saturday or Sunday!? No, you get both! When you get to the end of the year and you have Christmas and New Years, do you choose one or the other? No, YOU GET BOTH! GET BOTH! So drink your tea and coffee together, have a bagel and a donut, and use a 3D printer for your cake so you really can have your cake and eat it too so it’s not actually gone after eating it (eating the non-3D printed one, of course)! It’s the beauty of BOTH! Flawless! Fabulous! Yes, I said I would stop and I lied.

That’s it for this week, peeps! It’s a beautiful day out, so make the best of it and enjoy your Netflix, video games, and television, and bed from the beauty and safety of indoors! Mama always said follow your dreams, so strap on those pajamas back on and head back to sleep!

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