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Neo Emolga Masterpiece Mischief Ep51 21MAY2018 – 27MAY2018


You and NEMM! Going together like Aloan Raichu and pancakes! What is up with that anyway?

It’s your unofficial start to summer, which means pool parties, sandals, barbecues, and lawn mowing! And if you have allergies like I do, sneezing! Anyway, we’re looking at more crazy art from DeviantArt, the home of all awesome, cute, and bizarre art. And our random Pokémon of the week is SEEL! Here’s the best of the best for Seel art!

Seel by PokeShoppe

Welp, if Magikarp is your favorite Pokémon, sorry not sorry. This is a nice, realistic take on Seel, looking all cute and cuddly with a Magikarp that looks like it got really tired of life anyway. Seriously, let’s face it, if Magikarp was a starter option in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and any one of us got that in the personality test, we’d all say “NO WAY, SCREW YOU, I’M HARD-RESETTING THIS CRAP” and try again. But there’s always that one guy that would try it anyway for the challenge, only to get wrecked time and time again. This picture of a Seel chewing on Magikarp is for you, mister nuttiest person ever!

Seel by All0412

Here we see a Seel doing exactly what any of us do in a realm where there’s no coffee or Wi-Fi. Sleep is the one great thing that you can do any time and it’s completely for free. Bored at a red light? Why not sleep? Bored at a conference meeting? Snooze it out! Taking the SAT? Would wants to do that!? SNOOOOZE!

Seel by Roky320

It’s always hard to imagine why Seel always has their tongue hanging out like they’ve been waiting all day to lick an ice cream cone or lollipop. And it just hasn’t magically materialized in front of them quite yet. But gosh darn it, when it finally does, they’ll be instantly ready for it!

That’s all for this week folks, but if you want more, check out all my previous 50 episodes! They’re just waiting for your love!

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