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New Chapters and Events in Pokemon Masters!

Plenty of new things to do in Pokemon Masters!

Pokemon Masters is revving up with new content. Today you can take part in plenty of new Chapters feature Calem from Pokemon X & Y. Alongside this, you can now get the chance to have Calem and his Espurr join you as a Sync Pair.

Other things you can look forward to in Pokemon Masters is a new Pokemon to battle with in the form of Torchic. There is also a new event that will allow players to rack up Gems.

New Content Details

  • New story chapters – Three new chapters were added to the Main Story of the game, allowing players to continue the story of Pokémon Masters and play up to Chapter 21.
  • Calum & Espurr Sync Pair – Completing the new story chapters will also allow players to add the 5★ sync pair of Calem & Espurr to their team. Calem is a Trainer best known as one of the main characters from Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.
  • Torchic as Partner Pokémon – Players can now have the game’s Main Character pair up with Torchic, the Fire-type Pokémon from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This is the first time in Pokémon Masters that the Main Character will be able to pair up with a Pokémon other than Pikachu.
  • The Story Continues! Special Rally! Event – To celebrate these exciting new updates, a special in-game event called “The Story Continues! Special Rally!” will be available for a limited time from now until November 27 at 9:59PM Pacific time, and will reward players with up to 2,000 gems for playing special missions and logging into the game.

Below are some images from the new update.

Happy battling in Pokemon Masters!

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