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New Japanese Sets for 2019!

Double Blaz3
Plenty of new cards are going to heat up the game this Spring!

A few new TCG sets has been announced for Japan. These new sets will feature several new Tag Team GX Pokemon. Japanese players will be seeing a new main set release in March called Double Blaze. Meanwhile, two mini-sets will be release in April called GG End and Sky Legends.

Double Blaze

Double Blaze will feature Charizard & Reshiram GX as a Tag Team GX Pokemon. This set will feature 95 new cards excluding secret rares. There isn’t too much information release about this set.

Double Blaze will be release in Japan on March 1st, 2019. This set will be release in the United States in May.

GG End and Sky Legends

GG End
GG End and Sky Legends will both be release in April in Japan.

The first set to be release in April will be GG End. The GG could be used to reference the two featured Pokemon for the set, Giratina and Garchomp. Perhaps these two Pokemon will be a new Tag Team GX Pokemon. If so then players can expect Garchomp & Giratina GX to be release in this set as a Dragon type Pokemon. GG End will feature over 54 cards.

GG End will be release on April 5th, 2019. It is unknown how or when English players will receive this set.

Sky Legends
Japanese players will also see the release of Sky Legends later in April 2019. This set will feature Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. It is unknown if they will be a Tag Team GX. Perhaps all three will be featured on a single Tag Team GX card. Another possibility is that they will team up with each other in different combinations of pairs. Currently Zapdos and Moltress do not have GX cards in the game. They all do share the Flying type after all. Sky Legends will feature over 54 cards.

Sky Legends will be release on April 26th, 2019. There is no word on how this will be release to English players.

Get ready for heated battles in 2019!

Source: PokeBeach

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