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New Pokémon Center Holiday Collection Arrives!

With Halloween come and gone, Christmas is now on the horizon!

The Pokémon Center has begun to release a new collection of holiday-themed merchandise to help Trainers get into the holiday spirit in Pokémon style. The collection includes themed Pokémon plush, home decor such as stockings and string lights, apparel, and more.

This collection includes four holiday themed crew neck sweatshirts, with patterns including Vulpix, Delibird, and Pikachu! Then, if you want your tree to be in style too, there’s a Pokéball tree topper, an Eevee holiday ornament, and a tree skirt. There’s also holiday themed Eevee and Pikachu stocks as well as a Christmas Eevee fleece throw. There’s also nine poképlushes for you to choose from! New this year are the Holiday Lights Pikachu, Sylveon, and Reindeer Charmander, but you can also still purchase then Snowmen Froakie and Chespin, Delibird Pikachu, and Extravaganza Mew, Pikachu, and Eevee as well. Plus, the Extravaganza Squirtle Plush keychain and Holiday Lights Mug are also available. There’s also an Eevee stocking and a Pokéball stocking holder to decorate your fireplace with! Then once it’s all said and done, be sure to thank everyone with one of the three sets of Christmas cards that are available on the site.

It is also said we will be seeing a TCG playmat and a series of train boxcars called the Delibird Express coming soon as well. The mat is supposed to have Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble gather around a snow-covered tree with Pikachu and friends so it is possible this will come after the official Sword and Shield release. For the Delibird Express, trainers will have access to four collectible cars: the Pikachu Engine Figure, Dragonite Flatcar Figure, Alolan Vulpix Boxcar Figure, and Slowpoke Caboose Figure.

Trainers can also receive a reusable shopping bag as a gift with purchase while supplies last!

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