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New Trailer Sheds Light on USUM

New Trailer USUM
A brand new trailer with new scenes from USUM!

Pokemon’s YouTube Channel revealed a brand new trailer showing new details for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This trailer was mostly focus on story details. It stressed that USUM will show Alola in a brand new light.

The new trailer tells us about an ancient darkness that plagued Alola in the past. This could be a hint that Necrozma played a role in this darkness which explains why it plays a bigger role in USUM.

Next, the trailer shows the turn of Guzma and Lusamine in USUM. These characters were involved in scenes that were not in Sun and Moon. This could give hints that Guzma and Lusamine’s role in USUM could be different. Lastly, there are scenes involving the Ultra Recon Squad and Ultra Megalopolis.

We are less then month away and this trailer sheds some light on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. What do you think about this trailer? Do you think we will see Alola in a brand new light? Let us know!

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