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Oceania International Streaming Details

Oceania International
Get ready for a rumble down under!

The Oceania International Championships is happening this weekend! Trainers from Australia and around the world are going to battle it out in Melbourne, Australia, on February 15–17, 2019. The battles are all going to happen at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

And the whole event will be streamed! You can watch battles from the TCG, VGC and Pokken Tournament Finals! All of these events will be having excellent commentators.

It is to be noted that the Oceania International Championships will be the first major tournament where Team Up will be legal for tournament play.

TCG commentators will be Joe Bernard, Cora Georgiou, Ellis Longhurst, and Kyle “Pooka” Sucevich. You can watch all the action from the TCG by clicking here.

Commentators from the VGC will be Labhaoisa Cromie, Adam Dorricott, Duy Ha, and Gabby Snyder. You can watch all the VGC action by clicking here.

The commentators from Pokken Tournament will be Michael “H2” Graf, Evan “WonderChef” Hashimoto, and Michael “Midori” Tjong. Want to watch the action from Pokken? Then click here.

Below is the schudule for the Oceania International. Please note that the event will start on Thursday if you live in the United Statues due to timezones.

Thursday February 14th 2019:
VGC & TCG from 22:30 UTC on February 14th.
VGC runs until February 15th 08:30 UTC while TCG will run until February 15th at 10:15 UTC
Friday February 15th 2019:
VGC runs from 22:30 UTC on February 15th to February 16th 08:30 UTC
Pokkén Tournament DX runs from 22:30 February 15th UTC to February 16th 08:30 UTC
TCG runs from 22:30 UTC February 15th to February 16th 09:45 UTC
Saturday February 16th 2019:
Finals run from 22:30 UTC.
Pokkén Tournament DX finals run from 22:30 UTC to February 16th 06:00 UTC

Good luck to everybody who competes!

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