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Podcast Central: Banking on Twitch

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Pokemon Bank has finally been released  and trainers are happy. We have plenty of things to keep us busy as we learn what breeds down and what doesn’t. Wonder Trade is filled with all types of Pokemon from all regions. It looks like all is right in the Pokemon fandom.

Did we mention that Pokemon Trozei got a sequel? That sure did happen.

Pokemon Red is being played on Twitch which you are welcome to watch. How about you listen to some podcasts though as the players on Twitch consult the holy Helix Fossil for advice. It will be hard to ask advice because the fossil is in the box but I am sure the Helix Fossil would suggest to listen to some podcasts while you are on the ledge.

Now, don’t touch that Totodile! It is time to consult the Helix Fossil!

PKMNCast: Pokemon Twitch Red– SBJ and the crew gets together to talk about the latest Pokemon news. They even have an in-depth conversation about the latest craze taking by storm! Apparently it is some game called Pokemon Red being played by over 30,000 people.

Pokemon Battle Evolution: Episode 16– eSeamus is back and he has friends! They all take a look into the latest Pokemon TCG set and give it a proper review. Some cards are loved. Others are not. The card fun doesn’t end there as they all gather around the open some packs from future’s past.

Pikapi Podcast: Episode 132: Rant and Roar!– Mako covers a rare Misty centric episode that has many love plots. Brock finding a girl and Chikorita making an attempt to gain Ash’s love. If that wasn’t enough then we throw in some talk about Ash’s hips which everybody loves.

The Looker Bureau Podcast: Let Flygons Be Flygons– This podcast’s investigation leads to the case of a Flygon. Derailment is ahead as this group takes a look into the files of Flygon and what makes this Pokemon quite the interesting case for the bureau.

The Underground Podcast: Finding the New Logarithm– Sam and his math wizards take a look into the new XY TCG set and try to figure out which cards will make the perfect formula for victory. It is a great discussion that will surely give you some ideas for deck building. They then go back to Hoenn to feature an adorable little Pokemon.

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