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Podcast Central: Burning Opinions

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Get ready to hear some burning thoughts on some bit moments!

Meltan made some big waves last week in the news. It was all the talk at the time. Though sometimes I don’t want to just hear about the big news. There are times when I just want some good fun. After all, it gets your mind off real life.

That is why in this week’s Podcast Spotlight I didn’t feature anything about Meltan. After all, it is fun to be different.

Now if you want my opinions on Meltan then you got it! I think Meltan is pretty adorable. It does look weird but if there was a plush of Meltan then I will buy it.

Now! Don’t touch that Totodile! It is time to listen to some podcasts!

Pikapi PodcasttPikapi Podcast: Combination Sensation!– Anne completes the saga of May’s second contest! There is a deep dive as Anne gives her hot opinions on May’s development so far and how this episode pans out! You got to give this episode a listen!
Blast Burn RadioBlast Burn Radio: Makin’ Bacon Pancakes!– The hot takes don’t stop! These Nuzlockers are going into Unova with hot battles! Especially when some Pokemon bide their time for explosives attacks!

General Pokemon Podcasts

PKMNCastPKMNcast: The NEW Pokémon Appeared in Pokémon GO?– New Pokemon being introduced in Pokemon GO? You bet SBJ and the crew have thoughts!
PUCL POdcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: How to Get into the TCG– Need tips on getting into the Pokemon TCG? Thatch and the council got you cover! Listen in on how you can join a fun TCG!
Safari ZOneThe Safari Zone: A Look Back At Pokemon The First Movie!– Ash and the gang are still talking anime. This time with the first anime movie! Is this movie still as good as they think it is?

TCG Podcasts

PTCG RadioPTCG Radio: We Know Nothing About Pokemon– Big tournaments in Japan means big thoughts from Ross! He takes a look at the results that show we haven no idea what is good in the TCG.
Super Rod-CastSuper Rod-Cast: Shredemer & Shao– Take a listen into Dragon Majesty and some tournaments!
Dead Draw GamingDead Draw Gaming: Team DDG Wins Philly! Memphis Meta, Top 5 Breakout Trainers– Team DDG wins big and these guys are going to talk all about it!

Pokemon GO Podcasts

Pokemon GO RadioPokemon GO Radio: Big Ex Raid Changes & Mysterious Unknown Pokemon– Changes happening to EX Raids? It is more likely then you think.
Pokemon GO POdcastPokemon GO Podcast: “You are higher on my friends list than my husband”– Sometimes it pays off to become friends with other people. Even at the cost of getting your spouse angry.
Lured UPLured Up Podcast: Chickorita, Deoxys and Meltan– A complete recap for Chickorita Day and Mewtwo everywhere!
GoCastGOCast: Rolling With It– There are so many crazy things happening in Pokemon. Sometimes it is best to just roll with it.
Pokemon GO ShowPokemon GO Show: Shelby Flies Solo– Shelby goes solo as she hits up Moltres raids and more!

Table Top Podcasts

Pokemon World TourPokemon World Tour: Enter: The Pokemon Colosseum– There is a lot of tea involve in this episode along with shady dealings of Pokemon. And too much Pitch.
Pokemon RolloutPokemon Rollout!: Endless Melody – Part 1! (or, We Leveled Up! or, Lydia Just Woke Up a Little Bit Ago! or, the 50th Episode!)– Our adventures head into a forest of sleep as they face big trouble for little Pokemon. What is wrong with Melody? Find out by listening!

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