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Podcast Central: Death Mountain

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Get ready for a ride to Death Mountain!

June is coming and going. Last week we saw plenty of new relating to Let’s Go and now we have plenty of Pokemon GO news. Though, I sometimes like to get away from the constant news grind and enjoy some sweet personal time.

So how do I get some personal time? I can always play some Pokemon TCG Online. That is fun. Other times I listen to some podcasts about the death of plenty of Pokemon. Though, we will get to that in a minute.

How about we don’t touch that Totodile and listen to some podcast.

Podcast Spotlight

Blast Burn RadioBlast Burn Radio: The Fall– Gather around for a tale about how a man took a walk on Death Mountain and fell pretty hard. He isn’t a jolly man no more.
Pokemon World TourPokemon World Tour: The Cryptic Captain! Enter: Serena!– Crazy ladies trying to act cool with Rose and Colbalt. The Underground is weird!

General Pokemon Podcasts

PUCL POdcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: Pokemon Let’s Go E3 Update– Get caught up with the latest news about Let’s Go from E3!
PKMNCastPKMNcast: Recap of Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee from E3– SBJ and Will have a great discussion about Nintendo’s Treehouse event with Let’s Go!
Pokemon GO Radio The Battle Frontier: Blastoise– Brian and Danny take a good look at Blastoise and how he works within the Pokemon games.

Anime Podcasts

Pikapi PodcasttPikapi Podcast: Misty Returns!– Epic two parter Anne! The return of Misty brings back the classic trio to handle a threat! Anne covers it all!
Gotta Watchem AllGotta Watch’em All Podcast: Bulbasaur’s Mysterious Garden– The boys talk about Ash dealing with one of his Pokemon evolving and how Pikachu takes the lead as leader.

TCG Podcasts

Super Rod-CastSuper Rod-Cast: The Sheffield Shuffle– Kurt brings the men from the UK to talk about Sheffield Regionals!
PTCG RadioPTCG Radio: Rayquaza Is Amazing– Ross is going in on how Rayquaza is breaking the format in Japan in more then one way.
Six PrizesSix Prizes Podcast: Sizing up Sheffield-Mike is going to take a look at what could happen in Sheffield.
Slowpoke Well PodcastThe Slowpoke Well Podcast: Sheffield Shenanigans– Ben and Rabi talk about what crazy things can be expected from Sheffield when it comes to the TCG.
Dead Draw GamingDead Draw Gaming: Moving Forward– The DDG Guys are talking about where they are going now that they have hosted one of their biggest events. What magic can they do next!

Pokemon GO Podcasts

Pokemon GO POdcastPokemon GO Podcast: “The Reunion”– The guys celebrate their 100th episode with some old friends!
Lured UPLured Up Podcast: So Much Room For Festivities– It is one festival after another with so many Shiny Pokemon to not catch.
Pokemon GO RadioPokemon GO Radio: What is Professor Willow’s Global Challenge & Announced Alolan Forms– Pokemon GO trainers will have plenty to do in the next few weeks!
Pokemon GO FMPokemon GO FM: E3 2018, TRADING, and Prophecies!– It has finally come…Trading!

Table Top Podcasts

Pokemon RolloutPokemon Rollout!: PokeFiasco, Act 1 (or, You’re Not My Dad!)– It is a Fiasco! Really. The game is called Fiasco and this is their story.

Summer is heating up but make sure to leave a rate and review on iTunes for all of these hot podcasts!

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