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Podcast Central: Enter the Next Frontier!

Podcast Central
Time to enter a brand new frontier!

I am sure by now most of you are either playing Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon or eating some turkey. That is fine. Because those are great times to be listening to some podcasts! Well, not so much while eating turkey with family…But don’t worry! There are plenty of podcasts to listen to while you are playing your new Pokemon game. We even have a new one for you to listen to! The Battle Frontier!

The Battle Frontier Podcast is a podcast that covers all topics within the Pokemon franchise. This could be just recently anime happenings, specific Pokemon or just the latest news. Brian, Danny and their friends has the Pokemon franchise covered with a mature touch. So make sure to give this podcast a listen as you play through USUM!

There is a lot to do right now. So lets get straight to the podcasts! Now, excuse me as I go eat some pie! Don’t touch that Totodile!

Podcast Spotlight

Pokemon GO Radio The Battle Frontier: Celebi: End of Volume 1– Brian and Danny are celebrating their hundredth episode! They are doing this by talking about Pokemon: I Choose You. Listen to this milestone episode as they talk about their thoughts on the movie. Stay tune as they discuss a Pokemon that has been involved in Pokemon franchise since it was introduced. Happy hundredth episode!
PKMNCastAlola! From Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon– It is time for SBJ and his team to hit up the beaches of Alola! They have started their playthrough of Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon. We decided to link the playlist for their adventure so far. That way you can listen to their journey and thoughts in order!
PUCL POdcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: USUM First Impressions– Thatch brings on EVERYBODY to talk about USUM! Well, almost everybody. Either way, the Council talk about their first impressions on USUM from Mantine Surf to Inkay!

General Pokemon Podcasts

Poke Press DigestPoke Press Digest Podcast: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew Ending Themes (Part 1) – Steven and Anne get together to talk about the ending themes from Movie 8. This is a whooper of an episode as the pair talk about Puffy Ami Umi and weird Pokemon music history. They even mention how the English ending song could be consider a love letter from 4Kids. Is that true? Listen to find out!
Pokemon GO RadioPokemon GO Radio: How to Get Farfetch’d & Thanksgiving Event Details– Salt and Nar go over the latest announcement from Niantic about the big Catch Event. How can you help in making sure this is a successful event? Is it event possible? Find out their thoughts by listening to this episode!
PUCL PodcastKanto Cast: Hopes and Dreams for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon– Blue and Yellow talk about what they hope for when it comes to USUM. You bet they don’t like Festival Plaza! Though, what do they really want from these new games and how many ideas can Yellow steal from Blue? Listen to find out.
Silph RadioSilph Radio: Pokemon, The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back (With Marquis Woolford)– Nathan takes a ride on memory lane with Marquis to look back on the first Pokemon movie. Does it live up to the old memories? How did Pokemon handle the fame after this? Get ready to hear their thoughts on these questions and more as you listen to this episode.

Table Top Podcasts

Pokemon RolloutPokemon Rollout!: Haunted! (or, I Need Sleep) – What happens when you have sleep deprived adventurers, bad Eevee and a vengeful ghost? Hilarious results! Get ready to see how our favorite band of travelers handle this long night. Halloween may be over but that doesn’t mean the ghosts aren’t out to spook!
Super Rod-CastMythical: Intervening Paths– Get ready for a duck hunt! The main band of adventurers need to find SBJ’s duck. Though what kind of crazy hunt are they are when it takes them to the circus. Things are going to get insane. Listen to find out what I mean.
Pokemon World TourPokemon World Tour United: Nighttime Rescue: In Search Of A Song!– It is back to the Bridge of Silence for our band of travelers. They are still on the quest to find out why it isn’t so silent. Though what they find out may not answer their questions. Tune in to find out the epic conclusion!

TCG Podcasts

Super Rod-CastSuper Rod-Cast: Reklev & Krekeler Round 2– The Europeon International Championships has passed and winners have been crowned! Guess who has an interview with the top players from the tournament? SRC does! Give this episode a listen to hear from the best and what they did to win!
PTCG RadioPTCG Radio: Internationals Preview And Prism Star Cards– Ross is crunch for time but he sat down to make a podcast! All about the big news regarding Prism Star Cards! He has been a busy boy and wanted to make sure that you have a podcast to listen to while he commentates the European Internationals. So give it a listen!
Dead Draw GamingDead Draw Gaming: Ultra Prism and the Two-Time Champ!– The Three DDG Guys get together to talk about all the news regarding Ultra Prism. Does this set have what it takes to sell? Listen to hear their thoughts! Also stay tune to hear their thoughts on the results from London Internats!
Six PrizesSix Prizes Podcast: Looking to London-The guys at Six Prizes take a look at what to expect in London for Internats. Give this episode a listen to look back and see if they were correct.
Slowpoke Well PodcastThe Slowpoke Well Podcast: London Internats and Volcanos pt.2– It is time for round two with Jack and Joe! The Well Boys are going to talk about what is expect from London. Another listen back! Were these guys right? Listen and find out!

Anime Podcasts

Pikapi PodcasttPikapi Podcast: First Guest Ever!– Anne has a guest to talk about a special moment in Pokemon anime history! She is joined by Logan to discuss Pokemon: I Choose You! It is a trip off the unbeaten path as they talk about their thoughts on this movie.

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