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Podcast Central: Fast Times at Druid High Special

It is time to go back to school! Druid School!

Editorial’s Note: If you are seeing this on the normally Podcast Central bi-weekly Thursday schedule then that means I was too busy since the last Podcast Central update and was unable listen to enough of our normally featured podcasts. The last few days involved me doing some traveling for my job and not enough time to take out my iPod to hear some podcasts. I want to bring you the best and latest of our featured podcasts out of respect to those who may end up becoming new fans of these podcasts, those who love these podcast and those who create these podcasts. I apologize to our normally featured podcasts and readers. Podcast Central will return next week with your regularly scheduled podcasts but please enjoy this special. -Mikey

Take out your radical colored shades and wacky late eighties/early nineties fashions because Mythical is back with a brand new episodes. These episodes features Standt and his high school days. What kind of wacky hiijinks did Standt get during high school? How did Standt and Bebe get to where they are today? What does a magical jacket has to do? Why is this school set to the soundtrack of a 90’s high school comedy?

Find out the answers to these questions and more as our players take out the game Fiasco to go GM-less and create a…fiasco. These three episodes are filled to the brim with comedy and worth a listen. Even if you have never listened to the PKMNcast produced Mythical podcast, you can always start with this season as you do not need to know about past events for this prequel.

So go ahead and set that Totodile to listen to Mythical: Schools and Slowpokes!

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