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Podcast Central: Happy Holidays!

Podcast Central
Nothing better on a cold day then some hot chocolate and podcasts!

Christmas and winter holidays are just around the corner. Some of us are coming towards the tail end of grueling finals. Others are trying to get some last minute gift shopping done. If you are me then you are doing both. Oh man…How fun my next few days are going to be.

It is a good thing I have some podcasts to listen to. And you bet I am in the mood of giving! That is why I am giving you all these great podcasts for you to listen to in one simple package! Maybe you are looking for new podcasts? Maybe just want to have something cool to listen to! Don’t worry! I have all the best Pokemon podcasts for you to listen to! I hope you love this little gift.

So don’t touch that Totodile! It is podcast time!

Podcast Spotlight

Pikapi PodcasttPikapi Podcast: The Pied Nuzleaf Of Dewford!– Need a cute way to get into the Christmas spirit? Anne has done a special Pokemon only rendition of Carol of the Bells to start off her podcast! It is great to hear how she use each Pokemon voice to sing. After that, you can hear a discussion on how a little team building is needed between Ash’s Pokemon.
PKMNCastPKMNcast: Pokémon Baby Names & TCG/VGC Updates– It is back to normal for the PKMNcast Crew! And part of that normal is a new holiday rendition of their theme song. So go ahead and give this episode a listen to help bring the holiday cheer! Afterwards, learn which Pokemon names will be best to name your future baby!

General Pokemon Podcasts

PUCL POdcastP.U.C.L. Podcast: Back in Gen 4: A Retrospective– Get ready to hear a lot about Gen4 as Thatch fires up the time machine! It is all about Gen4 in this episode as they talk about what they love about that generation of Pokemon.
PUCL POdcastPoke Press: Manaphy Music and Brain Steckler– Hear what Anne and Steven from Poke Press had to say about the music differences between the Manaphy’s ending theme song. Also stay tune to hear their thoughts on the changes that was happening on English dub for Pokemon at the time.
Battle Frontier The Battle Frontier: Stakataka– Time to stack them up with Brian and Danny! These guys are going to be focusing on the big wall that has taken over Pokemon’s competitive battling scene!

TCG Podcasts

Slowpoke Well PodcastThe Slowpoke Well Podcast: Tier 1 or Tier None– Memphis has came and gone! And the SPW Boys wanted to talk about a tier list for Standard. Were they close? Listen to find out! Also, take a look into their Mega Pokemon TCG Stream Charity Stream by clicking here.
Super Rod-CastSuper Rod-Cast:Memphis; The only Ten-I-See– Kirk brings all the big names for this show to talk about Memphis. Even those who are not going! Get ready to hear the praise of the Church of Gardevoir for this episode.
Dead Draw GamingDead Draw Gaming: Patroncast w/ Team DDG Pro Frank Percic– The DDG Guys brings on their Team DDG Pro players to talk about Memphis. There is a lot to talk about as this is one of the last big Regionals for the year!

Table Top Podcasts

Pokemon World TourPokemon World Tour United: Shades of the Past: Underneath The House Of Memories– It may be Christmas time but the ghosts are still out! Especially for Rose who sees a ghost of the past and it isn’t one of Christmas’s Past.
Super Rod-CastMythical: Ingest– It is all about drinks and wrestling moves. How will our DnD heroes take these heavy hits as the quest for the bird continues!

Pokemon GO Podcasts

Pokemon GO RadioPokemon GO Radio: Enter the Groudon & Generation 3 Eggs– Was live from San Antonio! Nar and SALT spend time talking about how the massive Groudon has hit Pokemon GO! They even talk about the cool new eggs that can be found in Pokemon GO.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Give these podcasters a great gift by giving them a rate and review in iTunes! See you in 2018!

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